Arkansas showed out tonight

Once everyone arrived at the Stadium. I am not sure there are many singers who could fill up Razorback Stadium besides Garth and maybe George. Tonight was a really great event and the state showed up and showed out. I took my 16 year old tonight and I told him this may be the best show he will ever attend in his lifetime. I saw Garth in the late 1980’s or early 90’s with Martina McBride at the ASU convocation center. I was a little shocked he could still run around on stage at 60. I saw a lot of smiling people tonight, young and old. There was just something about being at this one with a bunch of Razorback fans that made it special. I have been to some pretty cool events in my lifetime. This one ranks way up there because it was in my home state. Well done Arkansas.


I saw Garth & Reba McEntire way back in very early 90’s in Bakersfield, Ca. He was just coming into fame so to speak. They were both good.
Naturally Buck Owens (from Bakersfield) had to make an appearance and hand out one of his red, white, and blue guitars to Garth.

I’m told that Garth is the best performer/showman in the business. And Garth himself still says that George is the best singer. George ain’t running around a stage. And he just sings and says thank you and sings again. That will work for me. Someone asked why I didn’t go see Garth. I was offered multiple chances this week. Mainly we didn’t go because Jean Ann works in the nursery at church every third week (and that’s today). So we were not going to come right back last night. Now if it had been George, I would have gone.

We had a Garth concert in the front yard with our boom box bluetooth last evening while getting the garden in shape. It was nice. And no one ran around on the deck or messed up his songs by trying to sing over him. You pay big bucks, you get to sing along, but I prefer to listen to the artist.

I’ve seen Garth and George in concert. Both are great shows, probably 1A and 1B in shows I’ve seen. I’ve been told by a friend who has also seen George and Garth that Cody Johnson put on the best show he has seen. I’ll have a chance to judge for myself when he comes to the AMP this summer.

The loudest roar I’ve heard in any indoor arena was when George took the stage at BOK Center in Tulsa. I was shocked it got that loud.

The show at Razorback Stadium last night was fun. The crowd was loud, weather was perfect and the stadium looked great. We sat on the third row and I found myself gazing up quite a bit, kind of marveling at how many people were there.

Loudest roar I’ve heard at a concert was when George took the stage at the Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne. 99 percent of the crowd was either a cowboy or a cowgirl. There were 24,000 in that outdoor arena and it was a massive ovation. The ladies screamed. It seemed like 75 percent of the males (and a lot of the females) knew how to whistle.

They were beside themselves excited. I was, too. I was wearing my George Strait Resistol and proud to still have it. I’ve been looking for a black hat like the ones George wears. Not cheap. But I’ll probably get one. It will be my dress up hat.

My wife is a huge fan, so we caught the show when they passed thru Ft. Lauderdale a couple years ago. IMO Garth hams it up too much, but the music sounds great and the volume is loud but not ear-splitting, which I appreciated.

Great crowd and the stadium looked great!

I’m not a country music fan so I really had no intention of going. But the weather was perfect and I’m within walking distance so when I saw I could buy an outdoor club seat from StubHub for $25 before the show, I decided to go mainly just to check out the crowd and the atmosphere.

And I found myself singing along with everyone else on the 3 or 4 songs I knew. Great entertainer. And a really fun environment.

Hope it leads to another big show or two at the stadium in the future.

Some photos from last night:

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Wow. What a great memory.

I went to a Garth concert with my parents in 1990 at the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair in Fort Smith. I wasn’t very old, so I don’t remember much, but I do remember being there.

I took my son last night. He was three months older for this show than I was for the one in 1990. It was his first concert. He had a blast and impressed those around us with how many of the songs he knew.


Way to go Matt! Making memories.

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Aloha and mahalo Matt for the pixs!!
UA…Campus of Champions

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I was at the big George and Reba concert that opened Jerry World in 2009. Oh, and one of the opening acts was a guy none of us had heard of at the time, a newcomer name of Blake Shelton. The sound in that brand spanking new, cavernous arena—at least for those of us who were sitting in the nose bleed section—was horrible. And the row of young girls in front of us, all dressed in cowboy boots, hats, and Daisy May cutoff shorts, stood and sang and danced in place the entire time George was performing, almost totally blocking our view of the stage. Wasn’t a great experience considering the price we paid for tickets (not to mention concessions and parking), but I do love me some King George and was glad I at least got to (kinda) see him and (kinda) hear him perform live.

Was it a full house?

I’m not sure you could come up with a capacity number for this. Maybe possible but buy the pics it looked pretty full. 75-80,000 maybe?

We were “two of a kind and working on a full house”. Ha! I learned that song last night.

There were maybe a few indoor areas that weren’t occupied but it sure looked like all outdoor seating was full.

And there were a large number of seats on the field that were full.

I’ve heard the number 82,000 and I would think that is probably pretty close.

I would agree with that. The place was pretty packed. I would say 80k plus.

We’re not big concert people but we have Paul McCartney concert tickets May 31 in Knoxville. It’s at Thompson Boling arena. We’re excited.

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I saw McCartney 30 years ago at the Astrodome. Helluva show. Closest he’s coming to me is Winston-Salem (the Wake Forest football stadium) a few days before he plays Knoxville,and that’s about a 4 hour drive up I-40. Not sure I can make that.

My next blast from the past concert is probably going to be Elton John at the Panthers’ stadium in Charlotte in September. Not sure if noted Elton superfan ComiskeyPork is going to be there or not. I think Don has seen Elton 20-30 times on this tour, which has taken four years because of COVID.


Saw Sir Paul in concert at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX, not long before the pandemic hit. He puts on a great show–pure non-stop entertainment for over two hours–one of the best live performances I’ve ever attended.