Arkansas seeing top 100

July story-

From Jake-Switch of plans. Arkansas’ head man Eric Musselman will join Clay Moser to watch Kerwin Walton play tonight, in addition, they will meet with Walton after the game.

Seems strange to be looking at another guard for this class. I hope we aren’t losing any of the Fantastic 4?

Others in the Hopkins vs Minnehaha game in Minnesota include:

Chet Holmgren (injured)
Jalen Suggs
Prince Aligbe
Chase Carter
Donovan Smith

RD. Any reason to worry that Muss is still looking at guards? Are we still in good shape with our commitments? I would think we would be looking for a skilled big, especially since we basically gave Isaac to Vandy. Look forward to your response.

You have to cover your butt in case someone doesn’t sign in the spring.

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In your opinion, is this something to be concerned about, or do you feel our commits are solid?

All I hear are crickets. I know football signing day is tomorrow, but is anybody else wondering why Muss is still looking at guards for this class? DD, thoughts…

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If they didn’t continue to recruit they would be foolish. Only one kid signed.

Exactly why I worried when only one signed early. Am I seriously the only one who is concerned that Muss is still looking at guards for this class? The kid in Minnesota is taller, but we could’ve had Isaac. No doubt in my mind that Isaac is the better player, regardless of height. My question is, if we didn’t offer McBride, why are we still looking at guards when we obviously need a skilled big? And how solid are the commitments of the Fantastic Four? Please answer this question.

Trust the Muss Buss.

Why be concerned about a coach being proactive? Let’s say a committed kid backs out, you potentially plug in a top 100 kid in his place. Not a big drop off, if any. Also keep in mind, the NBA ain’t the only way a kid can make great money playing pro hoops. Someone like Mason Jones or even Harris may have aspirations of moving on after this season. Not to mention the looming threat of Joe going pro.

Depending on how the season goes, I would say 50/50 chance both Mason and Isiah go pro (I think Mason ends up overseas) so it makes sense to be proactive and keep options open. Just smart.