Arkansas secondary No. 33

5th behind Bama;Georgia;A&M;and Krentucky in SEC

I like the good press, but I’m not sure we deserve it. After the Ole Mrs and Misstake games, I’d have thought so, but man, our defense has just been miserable the past few games.

let’s see…Catalon is fantastic. Mo Brown is a solid SEC corner, but he’s been injured so much. we all love Hudson, he has great leaping ability and ball skills, and tackles better than his frame would suggest, but speed is an issue.

half our CB’s have “opted out”. Slusher will eventually be good, Brooks and Foucha are solid.

Maybe my initial reaction was too harsh. if we had an average SEC pass rush, this secondary would likely look much better.

still excited about our future, love our coaches and players.


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