Arkansas' SEC matchups next year — baseball edition

With the talk today of the SEC basketball matchups for next season, I thought it might be fun to discuss the Razorbacks’ SEC games for baseball in 2023. They are:

Home: Tennessee, Texas A&M, Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama
Away: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Vanderbilt, Georgia

Tennessee and A&M at home should be a couple of good series

If the weather is good and the timing is right, the Tennessee series will make for an intense atmosphere like I’m not sure we’ve seen in a while.


Hog Fans are rapidly learning to dislike Tennessee, with all their bush-league antics and disrespect for the hallowed game.

I can’t wait.

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I think I’ll do whatever it takes to make at least one of those games against TN. Have learned to loathe them.

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Hopefully they schedule that one for late April or early May. If they do it in March or early April while basketball is still going on, shame on the league.

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Next yr we will going back to having all those tough road series! going to be brutal!!

Putrid, upchuck orange. Been on my s*list since 1971.


I road series may not be that brutal. The pitching staff should have some studs.

Some of the teams like Vandy and Mississippi State may not be as good as they normally have been in the past so the schedule on the road may not be as difficult as it once looked like

Texas A&M , Tennessee and us will have a brand new teams on the field… we will have to see how everyone reloads their team. I know Tennessee will have back incredible pitching and a couple of good freshman sluggers but they have a lot of more pieces to fill in.

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I looked at an MLB draft list the other day and Vandy had three signees picked to go in the first round. If Corbin can get those kids in school, look out.

One of their incoming pitchers, expected to go in the first round, already declared earlier this week that he’s coming to school. (I don’t remember his name.)

Well you know good well he’ll get at least one of them,they will get full ride because of their academic loophole. They have had a lot of people transfer out but they will be back to normal very quickly I’m sure

Vanderbilt would sure be a perfect fit for the Big 10, along with Mizzou, Billy. And I won’t cry a single tear. Replace em with Clemson, Fla St., or Miami, and the SEC footprint wouldn’t even change.
Let the Big 10 have the logistical issues. All of our teams would actually border another member.

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Yeah I totally agree with that can’t stand either one of them.

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Vandy is a charter member of the SEC. They aren’t going anywhere.

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Sewanee was a charter member too. Things change.

It is my understanding (I could be wrong) that the presence of a private school in a conference prevents the conference from being subject to FOIA laws. Northwestern plays that role in the Big 10.

Sewanee was a charter member & left very shortly thereafter of its own volition. Nope, Vandy is going nowhere. Besides, the only sport where it’s really weak is football. And even there it has been competitive several times over the past 10-15 years. Let’s not forget our Chad Morris years. We don’t need to be talking smack about Vanderbilt.