Arkansas - SC Thoughts

  • This is my first SEC Tournament. I’m eating breakfast today with 4 Hog fans, 4 Auburn fans, a couple of Missouri folks getting ready to go home and about 100 Kentucky fans. They’re everywhere at every hotel and they all know each other, seriously

About the game

  • I read a few complaints about how poorly we played at times, true. SC will make a lot of teams look bad; they’re brawlers, just like their coach (this is intended as a compliment) SC fights and battles and pushes all they time and they take 0 plays off. Our style of play is intended to create more opportunities than will seldom be beautiful for 40 minutes. SC shot the ball as well as they can at times, much better than they did in Fayetteville. Barford with the ultimate “no, no, no, oh my” 32 footer with a hand in his face. We won a game scoring less than 70 points...that’s impressive to me. I expect the role players to play better against Florida today since they were able to get their feet wet last night. Will we get enough from Gafford, Barford and Macon? It’s THAT time of year where every play, every player is under the spotlight. A win is a win...especially at tournament time.

Great comments about the game. I felt the same way.

5, 3, 2, 1. The points separating the teams yesterday. Since some of the teams, including SC are playing for their post season lives, it’s natural all will give it their best shot. We got SCs best shot and survived and that’s all that’s important.