Arkansas-San Jose State game thread

6:30 kickoff.

Any news on why Burke’s not playing?

Well that didn’t take long

are we slow???

Sorry but the DC is not cutting it!!

Our defense is just not good. Whoever coaches safeties needs to have a stern discussion w fucha

The good news is it took them longer than last week to score.

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Looks like we might have been looking ahead a bit.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Give up a big chunk play and a quick 7 then 3 and put not the start you want but a lot of ball left to play!

I had a feeling.

Another poster had mentioned we played down to the level of competition. I kinda thought the same thing

Very true, very true.

Always a bright side…

Better that time

Need a good drive to build up some confidence.

Yep, think it’ll happen right now

Starkle is overthrowing everybody!

What’s the deal with Starkle getting so many passes tipped?

He just needs to settle down a little. He’ll be fine.

Yep, I agree