Arkansas-Rice game thread

Arkansas needs to be more aggressive to the glass.

Defense is doing pretty well, but need to close the passing lanes.

Has it started? Can’t find game steaming on ESPN app??

Hogs up 16-10 at the under 12

The biggest difference so far from Anderson to Musselman so far is the boxing out of our players. A lot more boxing out.

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Jalen Harris just made a 3…:neutral_face:

23-12 hogs at the under 8

Wow…Joe just went baseline and dunked with his off hand. Didn’t know he had that in him!

D very impressive.

love all the straight man to man and no trapping leaving the 3 wide open,Rice has no good looks because of that.

Mainly a 7 man rotation. Henderson gets his first run at the 3 min mark with Adrio picking up his 2nd foul.

Good defense and the offense is doing ok.

Gotta watch the silly fouls.

What a half by Jones. 17 pts, 6 boards and 3 of 5 on 3s. Kudos to Harris and the staff. Good stroke on that 3. Nice still shoulder. Hope he’s ok, nasty fall on the side of his hip

Lots of hard nosed D, crisp screening an ball movement, team rebounding. Impressive start to the Miss era.

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54-25 at the under 16.

Jones 19
Joe 17

We are out rebounding them by 9 and have forced 16 TO’s.

I am impressed

They are rebounding and very active

Defense is awesome

They look very good

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