Arkansas returning to Minute Maid next year

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Yep . . . as announced this past January. And the year afterwards, we’ll be in Arlington for a new 6 team tournament in that jewel. The word is out on (a) the quality of our program and (b) the way our fans support events like this.

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We welcome all Razorback fans to Houston. You will enjoy one of the great baseball venues in America, tickets for the event are easy to get and you can sit almost anywhere you wish. Great food everywhere, the Tex-Mex is so authentic you should not drink the water at the restaurant.

I went the first time that Arkansas played at the event in 2012. It was a great time.

I attended that one. I have several friends in Houston, although a couple of them have since moved. We managed to have a great time, especially since the Hogs won all three of their games. :smiley:
There are indeed lots of places to find very good food, especially when ComiskeyPork chooses a restaurant.