Arkansas recruits

I was doing my research on top in-state recruits, and I noticed a few names I had never seen on WholeHog or any other site. Maybe I’m blind and you have reported them, but I was hoping to get the scoop.
-Jake Hardage (OT) from Pocahontas
-Donavon Foley (TE) from Quitman
-Bonus: Is the WR from LR an academic or character issue?

Jake Hardage: … ke+Hardage

I’m pretty sure Donavon Foley was at one of the Arkansas camps.

Nathan Page got hurt during 7-on-7 and that kept him out from attending college camps, including Arkansas. That and the numbers game are going to hurt his chances with Arkansas.

And here I am, a tech savvy guy that visits this site more than he should probably admit, and I just now notice the search bar. Thanks RD