Arkansas recruiting class jumps 80 spots since Pittman's arrival (Story)

Probably as good a job anybody’s ever done on such short notice.


On short notice plus taking over a program in such shape as ours.
Fantastic job by this staff.

great job coaches, things are looking up!! It is way early, but i like the direction. When Beliema was hired, I thought we were going to become line of scrimmage u. Beliema turned out to be full of hot air, (and Tito’s vodka). Now I am thinkking that Sam may be the real deal when it comes to establishing the line of scrimmage. Look out SEC, we may be the 2nd coming of Tom Osborne’s nebraska program. HY has the midas touch.

Outstanding job

Great job for sure. It will be extremely interesting to see where we rank next year. Hoping for a top 15 class followed by a top 10 class the year after. Both would be all time bests for us. We need those type of classes to compete in the West.

Question is can that be done at Arkansas?? I think it can with Pittman leading the charge!!

Love Coach Pittman’s quotes about the University of Arkansas. He has a passion for our state/team that I’ve not seen from a football coach in a long time.

Kinda reminds you of J Frank Broyles. This guy gets our state.

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