Arkansas receiving votes again

The Razorbacks received three votes in this week’s AP poll. That is well outside the top 25, but it is the first time Arkansas has received votes since Jan. 11. That was the poll that came out before the LSU and Alabama losses.

One would think if Hogs go 2-0 this week, we would be ranked next week. Big if, I know.

On the other hand, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, UNC, and Michigan State all unranked in the same week… when was the last time that happened?

I don’t know about that combination of teams, but this is the first week since 1961 that Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and UCLA are all unranked in the same week.

I’d hesitate to say Arkansas would be ranked with a 2-0 week. The Razorbacks are 40th among teams receiving votes right now. Two wins would give them a bump, but not enough, in my opinion, especially when one of the teams (Kentucky) is considered so unfavorably by voters.

The Arkansas women are down to No. 18 this week.

Aggies were allowed to mug our team in the paint with little fear of the refs actually calling a foul.

And Duke, Kentucky and Michigan Stare are receiving zero votes in the poll.

I also think I am not sure, other than Kentucky, if we can beat any of those teams on a neutral floor. Other than Kentucky, other teams look like they could explode any time.

It’s amazing how much the lack of fans has neutralized the top teams. I really think that has a lot to do with it. It’s the only thing consistent across the board as an explanation.

Duke looks bad. KY can’t make a shot, the other three I haven’t watch much. Not sure about exploding. Maybe imploding.

The Hogs are one of only 16 teams who have not lost any Quad 2, 3, or 4 games. And 5 of those 16 teams are ranked lower than the Hogs (#29) in the NET rankings.

We’ve just played too many quad 3 and 4 teams. I believe we would be ranked if we win our 2 games this week, but the important one to the NET rankings is the MO road game. KY would be just a quad 2 win since they are ranked #80.

I don’t know man, with Jalen Johnson back, I have a feeling Duke can still put it together for the ACC tournament. There is no dominant team in the ACC.

Duke, UCLA, Kansas, Michigan State and North Carolina seem to have the shooters, rebounder and PG in place. Just not playing together as a team.

Kentucky is the one that I think that doesn’t have the PG and shooters to build on.

That is why my take.

Yes, Michigan St is the only one of those 5 teams ranked lower in the NET than KY. The other 4 would be quad 1 road games.

Kentucky lost a lot in the shooting department when they lost Terrence Clarke early in the season. He would have made a huge difference.

The whistle blew one way at College Station. The one time the whistle was blown they called a walk instead of the charge that would have been the big post players 5th foul. The walk should have been called on Nixon on that finally layup!
This game was altered early by the 2 charges that were called on Dungee. She never got into the flow of the game. It appeared early she was pressing to make something happen when she committed those charges.
It was a good game but getting a win over A&M is challenging for our hogs!
They will only get better.

Don’t forget the double dribble by a&m when inbounding the ball at the end of the game.

Well the refs must have missed that along with six or so over the back fouls and a plethora of moving screens. The refs seem to be the insurance that the outcome went with a top ten rated team from our conference remaining in that group.

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