Arkansas receiving more votes in AP poll

Arkansas garnered its most votes of the season in the AP poll, which was released today:

28th in AP, 30th in coaches

Seems about right to me. Win at LSU and I’ll believe they’re a top 20 team.

We’re 12-1 against the #216 strength of schedule per Pomeroy. We ain’t proven very much other than we can win at Bloomington against an IU team that may have been overrated.

That’s sort of my general thinking…although I don’t think a win in Bloomington is chopped liver. Are they as good as Maryland (one of my alma maters), maybe not, but they didn’t play on a neutral court.

I don’t know what to make of this Indiana program. Archie has had spot success in recruiting but doesn’t have anyone else that scares you.

Remember last March in Bloomington, these same players plus Gabe and Embrey but minus Whitt and Cylla and as the fourth youngest team in the nation took Indiana to the wire. Indiana did have McAA Langford on that team but now he is replaced with another McAA Jackson-Davis.

Go look at Wichita State. 13-1 with one loss - to West Virgina. Wins over SC, OU, OKST, MISS and VCU. That’s a lot better schedule than ours. They come in at 23.

he is replaced with another McAA Jackson-Davis…that guy is good, especially for a frosh.

That’s a lot better schedule than ours. True, but nobody here’s complaining about WSU…by tthey are #9 in NET and #16 in RPI.

The hogs need to have more meat in the non conference schedule! Heck play the Shockers and beat Greg Marshall. Heck play OU every year! By looking at the top 25 and the Net ratings the teams with better SOS are in a better position than the hogs and the SEC as a whole had some mind blowing losses in non conference so it will be more difficult to gain ground in conference play. The SEC vs Big 12 challenge is all we have left to help with to improve the way the conference is looked at by pundits.