Arkansas received a few votes in the preseason coaches poll

The Razorbacks received three points in the poll. By my count, 59 teams received a vote.

Sam Pittman has a vote in the coaches poll for the first time. Unlike the AP poll, the coaches poll ballots are not public, with the exception of the final ballot.

While that doesn’t mean much now, at least I’m glad somebody thinks we might be pretty decent. At least I guess that’s what it means. It might be just some people trying to vote for their friend, CSP. I doubt CSP gave us one of the votes. He might have. Might have thought it’d give the players a bit of a confidence boost.

I think we will be pretty good. Before all the injuries (with little depth), we were not bad last year, and should be improved, especially in terms of depth.

Despite the fact they were in over the head as a staff, the Chad Morris regime left some good players.

Sam Pittman and his OC and DC seem to get it. The Special Teams Coordinator needs to prove he was short handed last year.

Six opponents in the top 25. Some things never change. But that’s better than last year IIRC.

Somehow beat texass and a good chance to go 3-0. That might do it, but then the schedule gets real

I’ve said this from the beginning of the switch to the SEC. All you have to do is win and you will be ranked. I’m not talking about winning 10 games. You win seven games or eight, you will be ranked because you will have some quality victories. It’s the nature of the beast. A 3-0 start would do wonders for national respect. Beating Texas always sets Arkansas up votes in the national poll.


Respectable play & some quality wins this season will greatly benefit our recruiting & outlook for 2022. Hope to see Arkansas as a successful & proven program again by the time ut & OU join the SEC.

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