Arkansas reaching out today

Trey Wade and Wichita St transfers and Yor Anei the Okie St/SMU transfer.

Anei has always had alot of potential.



[edited] to reflect transfer and sit out year information as provided by PJHAWG.

My man Votan wild’in.

Anei would have to sit one and then have 2 seasons of eligibility I believe

Why would he have to sit?

He wouldn’t. All transfers get a free one time pass.

This would be his second transfer. He began at Oklahoma Stare and then transferred to SMU. He will have to sit one year…

Thanks. I didn’t know that.

Already transferred once Arkansas would be his second transfer so would have to sit one then could play two

There is still an NCAA waiver process for immediate eligibility if it’s your second transfer but they have said they’ll be much less lenient on the waivers.

Maybe he’s a grad transfer. Will that matter?

He’s not a grad. He’s a junior.

I also wonder if his case is different because he was given immediate eligibility due to OK St infraction issues.

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