Arkansas Razorback Women Game at now at 4 ET

I have received a second changed time for the Women’s game today. Now it is scheduled to be played at 3 PM CT according to the UA Women’s Schedule. The SFU Bulls (Women Bulls yet…strange happening in Florida) schedule has 4 PM ET. No guarantees since the Ohio State - Oregon Game is also scheduled on the San Deigo site at 3 PM.

4 PM ET = 3 PM CT.

The Suckeye website says they’re playing Oregon at 6:30 ET.

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All tied up at 59 apiece with 1:10 to go.

Going to OT.

Neighbors loses another one where he had the lead. Three factors missing free throws, losing the battle for rebounds and needles turnovers. Good effort and the team missed the relief of Woffenbarger in the rotation. This was a poorly called game, more even than yesterday but still for teams of this quality the referees were not up to par. Neighbors’ Razorbacks will likely drop but perhaps only out of the top twenty. Hopefully the men will dominate tonight and remove the bad bad taste of this loss.

They really do need a better name for that team. LOL!

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