Arkansas Radio Broadcast

Are the radio broadcasts archived anywhere? I’d like to hear what Bubba had to say about the Alabama skipper.

Elson gave the coach a hard time on postgame. Said the coach mocked the historically significant Hog Call.


Glad you mentioned “the historically significant Hog Call.”
It has been known to drive relatively sane men mad.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I don’t blame the Bama coach for being upset over the obvious missed call. Don’t even blame him for getting tossed. Good time to take up for your team.

But you make fun of the Hog Call in Arkansas and you’re likely to get to hear a whole lot more of them (with a few extra more colorful words) directed your way tomorrow!


They are not archived. Based on the conversation I had with Bubba afterward, I can tell you he wasn’t a fan of what Bohannon did.

Thanks for checking.

There are some game broadcasts archived on Hogs+, BUT

only for football.

I was listening. Bubba repeatedly called him bush league.


Who were the visiting team coaches who mixed it up with the fans at Barnhill? Was it Shelby Metcalf that caused the benches to be moved to the other side because the students were a bit rowdy? I may have the coach wrong but those were the good the old days!

Shelby was the first coach I ever saw to have chairs moved out onto the floor during the time out to minimize crowd noise. Now almost everyone does it.

Abe Lemons got into it with fans repeatedly.

And then there was Rick Bullock of Texas Tech, who fouled out and gave a double-barreled one-finget salute to the Mad Hatters.

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Shelby moved his bench to the baseline

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Abe was full of great quotes much like the pirate… He once advocated putting the goal in the floor… that way they could recruit midgets.

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