Arkansas PWO Kicker candidate Noah Rauschenberg gets an offer from...


He had noted he would likely end up at Arkansas unless an offer like this came along.

Now that it has. I suspect that will be his likely destination unless other options come along.

He was here Saturday talking to the Arkansas coaches.

I do plan to check in with him. … rkansas-2/

Bittersweet news. Seems like a good kid

Blue shirt possibility?

Don’t we have a commit as a walkon from the former kicker at Catholic High?

Rauschenberg is the best kicking candidate UA has chased since…Todd Wright? He’s that good. As mentioned earlier, I’d love a grayshirt/blueshirt offer, or commit offer #29 to him IF we lose XYZ that stand in front of him (presumably, academic casualties, defections, or misses at LB here at the end).

Bye-bye… but you can’t blame the kid with an offer from Houston.

I tried to check in with him last night. Nothing back yet.

Can’t blame the young man and certainly would have loved to have him. I know he loved the U of A but guess the unknown of if he would ever get a schollie down the road with us lost out to a full ride and that is very understandable. All the best to him.

It’s just really hard to promise a kicker/punter a full-ride before they get on campus with the limited number of scholarships available. I’m okay with THE kicker and THE punter being on scholarship, but those slots have to be productive all the time.

It’s really, really difficult to know if a guy who has a strong leg is going to be able to translate that raw ability into the college game until you see him do it. I would rather hold those slots open until somebody convincingly wins a spot in camp/early games. Then you award the scholarship. If no body does great early on, you make a walk-on at a different position happy for a year and try again next season.

Can’t be mad at a kid for taking a full ride to a school versus a flyer on getting a scholarship somewhere else.