Arkansas pushing hard for Myron Cunningham (story)... … unningham/

Dudley IMO he’s a must have,the only one I think can come in and start that we are recruiting…what do you think our chances are?

It sounds like one of OU’s starting OTs is definitely coming out early for the draft and the other is debating it. Better hope the second one stays.

True and Wilkins is the best recruit they have coming in and he’s nowhere near as advanced as Cunningham is. He probably sees he can step in there and start to.

I certainly think that they wouldn’t be bringing either Nwanna or Cunningham in if they didn’t expect them to start

Would someone please tell me what IMO stands for…Yea I know I’m a duh!

In My Opinion

Thanks tnhog

Your welcome.

Dudley That’s JMO .I can see Cunningham starting and making an impact.I am not that high on Nwanna, he may start considering who we have returning but if so I just don’t seeing him being a difference maker(would LOVE to be wrong)…what are our chances with Cunningham??