Arkansas- Purdue scores in Spain...

Euro Colegio 81, Arkansas 75
Purdue 80, Euro Colegio Casvi 71

Arkansas 91, Albacete 65
Purdue 88, Albacete 67

Arkansas 99, Barcelona All-Stars 77
Purdue 96, Barcelona All-Stars 72

Arkansas 124, European Academy 55
Purdue 117, European Academy 66

Not that we can take a ton from comparing scores, but Purdue is a very good team and likely in the top 25 with quite a few returnees and a Big front line. Caleb Swanigan was likely a 2nd rounder and returned along with Vince Edwards. I like that the hogs aren’t gonna be on anyone’s radar but will be a very good group who likely makes tourney and can make some noise.