Arkansas Pro Day notes

All 32 NFL teams were in the Walker Pavilion this morning for Arkansas’ Pro Day. Ryan Mallet threw to receivers and for defensive players. Jeremy Sprinkle, Drew Morgan, Chris Gragg and JaMichael Winston were among the former players in attendance.

Bench reps
Jared Cornelius: 19
Gary Cross: 1
Hjalte Froholdt: Did not participate
Johnny Gibson: 20
Dre Greenlaw: Did not participate
Ryder Lucas: 15
Ryan Pulley: Did not participate
Santos Ramirez: 17
Randy Ramsey: 24
Kevin Richardson: 6
Michael Taylor: 18
Brian Wallace: 22
Armon Watts: 20

Jared Cornelius: 35.5 inches
Gary Cross: 36
Hjalte Froholdt: Did not participate
Johnny Gibson: Unsure
Dre Greenlaw: Did not participate
Ryder Lucas: 32
Ryan Pulley: Did not participate
Santos Ramirez: 38
Randy Ramsey: 30
Kevin Richardson: 29.5
Michael Taylor: 33
Brian Wallace: 24.5
Armon Watts: Did not participate

Broad jump
Jared Cornelius: 9 feet, 10 inches
Gary Cross: Did not participate
Hjalte Froholdt: Did not participate
Johnny Gibson: Unsure
Dre Greenlaw: Did not participate
Ryder Lucas: Unsure
Ryan Pulley: Did not participate
Santos Ramirez: 10 feet, 3 inches
Randy Ramsey: 9 feet, 5 inches
Kevin Richardson: 9 feet, 1 inch
Michael Taylor: 9 feet, 6 inches
Brian Wallace: 8 feet, 3 inches
Armon Watts: Did not participate

40-yard dash - players ran twice
Jared Cornelius: ~4.6, 4.55
Gary Cross: ~4.4, 4.48
Hjalte Froholdt: Did not participate
Johnny Gibson: ~5.3, 5.46
Dre Greenlaw: ~4.53, 4.62
Ryder Lucas: ~4.6
Ryan Pulley: 4.45, 4.5
Santos Ramirez: No times … pulled up lame after slow start on first run; did not run again; had ice pack on right knee
Randy Ramsey: ~4.6, 4.7
Kevin Richardson: ~4.7, 4.7
Michael Taylor: ~4.56, 4.63
Brian Wallace: ~5.1, 5.15
Armon Watts: Did not participate
DeAndre Coley: ~4.6, 4.6
Dwayne Eugene: ~4.6, 4.7

Are these handheld 40 times or do they do these laser?

Those are unofficial handheld times. Tom Murphy, another writer and Jailyn Mason, Kevin Richardson’s girlfriend, were all timing the guys’ 40s off to the side. Ryan Pulley did shave some time off his 40 from the combine. He told us today he ran heavy at 209 pounds in Indianapolis. He was around 200 today and felt much better.

The guys’ 40 times were not read aloud like number of bench reps, vertical and broad jump.

proof positive as to why our OL was atrocious you got a WR benching as much as 2 starting OL…why I think the weightlifting #'s should be publicised so we will know who is really working and who is not.

My pro day notebook after speaking with Watts, Froholdt, Pulley and Greenlaw earlier: … s-40-time/

Cornelius is the one that stands out to me and not for the right reasons. He’s always been one of the strongest players on the team, pound for pound. But what I see with that 40 time is what I saw on the field the last two years, a loss of speed. He got too big at some point, maybe doing too much lifting. He no longer has the burst. I’m told that a ruptured Achilles is the kiss of death for speed. You don’t get it back. Maybe so. But whatever it was, he didn’t have the burst that I saw in that reverse against LSU that broke the game open a few years ago at Baton Rouge. He outran the entire LSU defensive team on the play. It was one of the highlight plays for the season. It was Joe Adams type speed. If he’s now a 4.55 or 4.6 guy, as the pro day times suggest, then he’s not the same player that I remember when he first came to campus.

Body by Herb?

On top of what Clay said, the comments he made Monday didn’t come off great:

“You know, you get less than ten targets in a year, whatever the coaching staff was thinking you just got to prove everybody wrong. Scouts come in and have questions about whether I was hurt or healthy and why I didn’t catch a lot of balls. I just came in and proved that I can play not only at this level but at the next level. … Film doesn’t lie. Despite what happened this past year, I was still open, I was still winning on my routes, I just wasn’t getting the ball.”

Then, after Cornelius ran his first 40, Chad Morris walked toward him and was speaking to him, almost like he was just trying to get his attention. Cornelius walked right past him without saying anything, and Morris just patted him on the butt. It was a really odd moment in my eyes.

I guess I was watching different games when he played, because the only times he got open consistently that I saw was when the other team left him open or the play was designed to get him open. His route-running was mediocre, to put it nicely, and he was not fast enough or quick enough to get himself open very often with that so-so route-running. I thought his play was the single biggest disappointment among the WRs.