Arkansas- Portland State game thread

15 minutes away.

And a penalty to start

Evidently the guy tackled Hayden and was celebrating. Hayden pushed him. Second guy always gets the flag.

Who got the dum dum penalty?

Down 3-0.

I know it’s early, but I don’t see a lot of defensive improvement. Maybe the offense steps up

First three plays sucked, next three good. But the penalty was totally unacceptable IMO

We scored on the opening drive. That’s an improvement

The OLine protected well on that last pass. We had a guy open over the middle for the 1st down Ben did not see.

It looks like we should score a lot today. I’m glad to seeus running the ball…

Still not kicking off deep…

Looks much better this defensive possession

That’s more like it.

Lot better, must’ve been jitters

OLine doing their job so far.

DLine looking good too.

The first series for both sides usually isn’t indicative of how the game flows. At least that’s my thinking.

I cannot watch much more of it, have something to do, but feel much better now.
A balanced attack sure looks better than one sided game plan.

Can’t get a stop on third down

Can Hicks not hit the WR in stride? That is twice now that he has thrown behind.

Timing definitely off.

if he hit knox in stride would have been picked, should have caught that ball…agree on the Burks pass terrible pass