"Arkansas Portal Rule"

News flash from the NCAA, they have found a solution to change the tidal wave of kids jumping in the portal. The name is after Arkansas FB team after a great season of 9-4 including a Bowl win. It’s being reported that enough kids on the defensive side of the ball has lost all starters. Some to the NFL league but mainly portal players. The new rule is that you can not go the portal route until National Signing day after the season.

Wait another news flash and the kids (D1 FB Players) wanting to use the portal have now founded a new group. This new group will Boycott next years college FB season. They want the NIL expanded and the rules of the Portal back to the original framework. In their press release they stated that 25 top FB teams have joined the march.

Shameless bump, LOL

Made me laugh and then I began to wonder…what if.

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Pretty good huh? LOL

Now to top this off I got out of bed to post this news flash I had…

I say it was worthwhile but I am a night owl.

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As I type while listening to Ravel’s Bolero and sip my B&B.
Happy New Year to all Hog fans-even those with misguided worldviews.

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