Arkansas plays possum, runs down LSU late (story)... … sum-early/

Now that’s funny! Good one Dudley!

Nice play Dudley. Obviously we highly dislike the Tigers. And the stands stayed pretty full until the last pitch. Walker (LSU pitcher) was pretty straight forward about being yanked with a low pitch count. Typically a college player does not make those type of comments about his coach. And when the coach headed out to pull him he threw his hands in the air in disgust. Made me smile.

Walker’s reaction is typical of a spoiled entitled brat! If we could rewind the tape and watch the game in 17 again we could see just how much help he got from the home plate umpire in that game. Last night he got some calls that were clearly not stikes and he had negative reactions to several calls he didn’t get! I don’t like him or the LSU Tigers!

Great article Dudley! I always like to hear from the opposing coach and opposing players. Got to give maneri credit he was very complimentary of our team a lot of coaches don’t do that and I can totally understand why Walker would be upset because we were nowhere near hitting him.

I actually like Mainieri and his attitude. He expects his players will respect the game and gets right in their face when they don’t. I’m not an LSU fan, but their fans are true baseball fans.

After all, it was an LSU fan who called the Hogs after one of Razorback wins in Omaha.