Arkansas plays possom too long today. Didn’t wake up!

Sorry Dudley! Couldn’t resist!

It’s baseball, two out of three is a big win.

Yep. We won the series!!

Main thing is winning the series .

After those first two games, we had it set up to sweep LSU. We left too may runners on…we didn’t hit the ball when we needed. We may come to regret that loss. We should have won that game. A couple of base running mistakes and a lack of clutch hitting just did us in. We had several opportunities to score more than 2 runs. That was a very frustrating loss.

I thought it was funny.

I also find it funny that some people are griping about “just” winning two of three.

I get being disappointed, but not being mad at the team.

I typically make the long drive from East Tennessee 2 or 3 times a year to visit family and take in a Hog game. My favorite time is spring so I can watch baseball with my big brother at Baum. I was blessed to be at Friday and Saturday’s game. I was even more blessed to sit with my brother, Nephew and his 2 sons. We are all very close and agreed that losing was secondary to spending time watching the Hogs as a family.

We also were in town to spend time with my niece who has battled cancer since September. She is very special to me and my wife. She spent many a night with us as a child and teenager. Our time with her was special and she knew we were there even though she was in and out of consciousness. Saturday night about 11:30 we were called to rush to her house. She passed just before we arrived.

She leaves behind two daughters and a wonderful husband who adored her. We prayed, told stories and cried most of last night. But she left behind a testimony of a heart for Jesus which she lived out daily.

So once again I’m reminded of what is most important in life. We could use your prayers as we celebrate her life and legacy this Thursday. She was a very private person so I’ll not mention any names. She was special, vey special.

And she loved the Hogs. We watched many a Hog game together over the years.

So sorry for your family loss, it does put everything into perspective.

Sorry for your family’s loss, LD. Glad that you were able to be in town and share some time with her at the very end. Having been in a similar situation some years ago, I can testify that your having been able to be there with her and the rest of her family will mean a lot to you as the years go by.

May she rest in peace.