Arkansas players trying to shake off anger, embarrassment (story)... … mbarrassm/

This isn’t about the story - I appreciate what you bring! I am sure the players are embarrassed as they should be. Jeremy Patton’s comments about being more hurt than angry bothers me. He should be really pissed off. I’m sick of the Razorbacks getting punched in the mouth and reacting like a bunch of snowflakes. They said about what I would expect them to say but talk is pretty f’n cheap. Go do it. You get punched in the mouth then get pissed off and punch back. I can deal with some mistakes from being new in a system but what I can’t deal with is the lack of pride that doesn’t show up on the field. Former players saw it too.

You can’t fix soft.

Everything they’ve displayed is softness. Whining about the fans, instead of being pissed about how bad they played. Being hurt instead of pissed. Just too soft.

Yeh mon!

We have heard all of this talk before. I can say the same thing. I call BS until they show they have some pride, moxey, and care. Do that and then talk. I have been in a show me mode for some time. That is all I want out of this bunch of pretenders. Go out and at least act like a football team, before you say one word. Auburn will beat them as badly as they want and there will be nothing they can do about it besides at least fight and care. Have not even seen that so far.

Yup. Weak. Weak. Weak. Find some dogs whose feel bads aren’t hurt and are more worried about getting better and showing some pride than complaining about being booed and pushed around by a SunBelt team. That’s who I want playing.

These guys have Twitter feeds full of motivational tweets and memes. And only a handful of them actually back them up with play that reflects that supposed passion and pride.

it takes awhile to change a culture - Morris has his work cut out for him to create a culture of high accountability that demands excellence. Things have been a little to cushy for way, way too long.

“I’m a laid-back dude,” Bielema said. “I’m a flip-flop wearing, reggae-loving guy.”

I also believe that what a lot of fans perceive as “disorganization” from the coaches is also partly on the players lack of discipline and desire. The time out during the kick off if it was due to a player not in the correct position or something like that. This is not Boy’s Club football…do the coaches need to go on the field during the game and show them how to align…maybe they can put tape on the field so they will know who and where to go.

Adam and I don’t agree on much, but we agree on this:

We need some mean ass junkyard dogs and need them ASAP. Guys that hate losing more than they like winning. My impression is they are in short supply up there.

I agree need folks who hate losing more than they love winning

I was taken back when we had a Razorback complain about “boo” birds

I’m not in agreement with “boo birds” not my style

But I’m amazed this player was more concearn about hurt feelings than about the fact his team was incompetent and performed subpar -

One poster wrote: can’t fix soft

Well don’t play mister soft - and withdraw his scholarship bet he starts working in performance

That’s absolutely what should be done.

There should be at least 20 that are told to walk after this season. (Transfer, etc)

The rumor was pretty strong last year that the were all coddled and more concerned with what woman was going to be tending to them after the game than what went on during the game. Apparently they are still being treated like stud athletes regardless of their performance or lack there of. If these guys scored after the game like they did during the game. they would be some onery dudes, which is what we need.

I get the frustration.

But if 20 are told to walk, 13 graduate and Arkansas can’t sign more than 25 you would have only have 77 on scholarship.

It also would whack the APR score.

You just can’t turnover the roster like that as you used to could do.

One other thing, I asked the question of being embarrassed or angry of each of the individuals quoted.

I thought it would be interesting to you guys to see what some of them said about something that has clearly left posters on this board embarrassed and angry.

It appears that was taken as those guys griping and bringing it up on their own.

That was not the case.

I do think there is nothing the players or coaches could say right now that some would make some happy because of the situation.

How does one even go about confirming that rumour?

I would think that the coddling might have happened last season, but the other thing - well, I can say kids that cared last season, but just weren’t good enough to play in the SEC.

Some of the best coaches in the business have apparently been more concerned about that other thing and done well.

You are exactly right Dudley, it was a rumor, but probably more of a generalization that someone spread while trying to explain away their lack of effort. The first time I heard it was after the costal Carolina game. Whatever it was, it was easy to believe because it seemed that playing winning football did not seem very important to that team.

On the booing complaint…No player would have mentioned it if the question hadn’t been gleefully asked. I saw a grown man asking a kid about boos and rubbing his nose in it. Just my view, I may be overly protective :sunglasses:


I was in the visitors locker room and have not watched/listen to the question - just the answer - but do you really think that someone would “gleefully” ask a question like that? Or was it somebody doing his job?

The media is such an easy target - and I am sure there are some negative and antagonistic people in it like any other profession - but most do their job, do it well and do it fairly and try not to be part of the story.

Yep, I thought so by the tone.

You just don’t need to bring that up to a kid in that situation, who was obviously caught off guard by the question.
That is always the reporters excuse, just doing my job. Your dealing w 18 yr. old kids…and now the resulting backlash.

It’s not an excuse.

It’s a question that needed to be asked - just as the what the players thought of the 4th and 1 at Colorado State

If it hadn’t people would be complaining about that as well.

It’s a no-win situation for a reporter, but questions need and have to be asked at times from the top on down.

Jared - by the way - is 22. And what age would the question be fair in your opinion?

Dudley you were doing your job!! Chop on and do ya thang!!