Arkansas planning to play several true freshmen early (story)... … -early-se/

Great Idea I love the new rule!like he said you have to see how they are going to do facing live bullets.

I think this is one of the more intriguing changes in college football in awhile.

How coaches manage this will be interesting.

This gives freshmen a better chance of seeing the field. A try out if you want to say.

I may be the only person who does not like this rule.

In my day, no freshman could play in a game, period. The reason was a freshman should get used to the academic life before sports. So I personally played two games 53 and 54, against the UA freshman team. We played in WMS.

In those days some people, few, still thought sports was an extra activity, but most feel now that sports are the most important thing and academics are merely a bump in the road.

I am sure I am outnumbered in tnis respect by a huge majority.

We’d probably all be better off going back to those times when sports wasn’t such a big business. We’ve lost our way paying coaches and players (in the pros or at Ole Miss) so much money when teachers, military and first responders make so little.

That said, since we aren’t going back to those days, I like the change. My concern with quarterbacks playing is getting each one enough time to get a good look. Juggling that and still finding the one (or two) to be in charge and as Saban says, “Win the team,” will be a difficult job. I’m glad that’s the coaches’ job.

Yes, the reality is that this is 2018, not 1954. And in 54, you could have like 150 scholarship players on your team.

RD have you thought a little about this in practice? The time and logistics of getting 8,10, or 12 freshman ready to play that probably aren’t in the plan of being a starter or a backup while also getting your top 45-50 players ready for the game. Then especially the QBs getting game week practice reps. I am with you on liking it, but is it one of these things that’s be careful what you wish for?

Some coaches who are not really sure about their two deep at some positions are probably going to treat early non-conference games against cupcakes like high school jamboree/benefit games. You want to win, but you may not care as much about victory margin versus getting game film on your newbies.

Freshman ineligibility was fine when you had one-platoon football (meaning players played both offense and defense) and/or virtually unlimited scholarships. Neither is the case now. Heck, if a kid is a stud he still may only play three years of varsity ball; it’s just the first three instead of the last three.
After the freshman team went away, we still had a junior varsity for a few years to give the kids too far down the depth chart a chance to play. I think I witnessed our last JV game ever. We went to Miami, OK, to play NEO junior college and got absolutely crushed. I think our JV program ended that night.

I had forgotten the JV games.

You are correct plus Title 9 is part of changes.

I can see this being used in many cases like September call up in baseball. Freshmen might be playing the last 3 games and the bowl game.

Or, there is another variation I don’t think many people have given much thought to.

I believe, in many cases where young players have the potential to play early but there is ‘adequate’ depth in front of them, that coaches may let them play one or two early games just to get a feel for the real “speed of the game” - and then keep them off the field. And, then, if injuries arise (as they usually do, somewhere on the team) which causes a temporary depth problem, you have a freshman you can bring in for a couple of games to play valuable minutes while still retaining his redshirt.

Obviously, if the “depth problem” persists (i.e., if the injured player cannot return in time) you will at some point burn the redshirt. But we’ve all seen situations where a decision has to be made late in a season whether to burn a redshirt for one or two games due to an injury. I remember that happened with one of our catchers (baseball) 3 or 4 seasons ago when Jake Wise got hurt late in the year.

So, it’s good to get most freshmen some live reps against non-conference foes early on. But unless the coaches are pretty sure they’re going to remain in the rotation for the entire season and see some significant playing time, probably not a bad idea to keep one or two of the ‘free’ games in their back pocket in case they need some emergency depth later in the season.

Also Wiz, in the same vein, should there be an injury mid-season, an individual can play until the injury is healed and not lose the redshirt.

If you’re on the fence about playing a kid, this will probably help the kid see the field. No idea how this plays out. Will be interesting to watch though.

You are the first person that I have heard that is against it.

Doesn’t mean you are wrong, just means - as you said - you are outnumbered by a huge majority.

Every freshman that Arkansas signed in this last class took 12 hours of class this summer except for Gatlin, who missed the first summer session with mono.

It is the routine for freshmen at major colleges these days - both football and basketball for sure

Marty, I’ve read your comment above a half dozen times now, and don’t know if you didn’t understand what I said in my post, or I don’t understand what you’re saying in yours. Best I can tell, we both pretty much are saying the same thing. If I’m wrong, please clarify.