Is terrible. I think several Arkansas high school teams might be better.

We should not be playing them.

Hunter needs to rethink playing “football” against in-state teams

Watching them on ESPN vs Prairie View A&M.

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I think it’s OK to have a cupcake with your surf and turf. Get the 3rd and 4th teamers some playing time.

We are playing UAPB simply because they need the money and HY thinks it’s a good idea to give them some. However, I agree with you 100%

The Hogs will need that sort of game after what they will have been through by then.


In my opinion, the problem isn’t playing UAPB. The problem is playing any team from the FCS. With the exception of a handful of schools that are FCS powers, the FBS-FCS games are almost always mismatches.

As for UAPB, it was the SWAC champion in the spring season. That is one of the worst FCS conferences.

You got that right. It will be a good day to let some of our beat up players heal. I also look forward to seeing what Malik can do in a situation like that.

No doubt about that. The worst thing about playing UAPB is having to keep the score down to avoid annoying some fans who’d resent us beating up too badly on “little brother.” Again, it’s a no-win situation for us. The only good to come from it is that we can rest our starters (maybe they don’t ever take a snap) and UAPB has a decent money day.

Thing is, UAPB can likely get some other money game without much problem. I doubt we pay too much for them to come to WMS. They can play La Tech, MSU, OM, Memphis, So. Miss for about as much and without much farther to travel. They can even play ASU for a pretty decent payday.

UAPB is better than they’ve been in several years, but I think we could name our score on them. Heck, a Chad Morris team could have. UCA is a better matchup for us.

I think if it were up to me I’d just say the UA will donate $100k each year to the UCA, ASU, & UAPB athletic departments & tell them to enjoy the money and just STFU about playing us.

They have Okie Lite, Misery, TTech and Tulsa on upcoming schedules. Plus us of course.

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