Arkansas' own "Rhinestone Cowboy" passes . . .

RIP to the Wichita LIneman . . . … li=BBnbfcL

One thing that made Glen special was his world class ability on the guitar. He got his start in LA as a session musician (one of the legendary Wrecking Crew). He played guitar in recording sessions for huge acts (including Frank Sinatra). Not taking away from his vocal abilities - which were amazing.

Prayers for his family.

I have seen Glen Campbell many years ago. LD is correct. Man was crazy good with guitar.

Some may not know but he did a lot with the “Beach Boys”.

I remember Glen Campbell playing Rhinestone Cowboy at the Grammys about five years ago during a tribute to him. A lot of young people in the crowd looked disinterested, but Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh were dancing in the aisles. That showed the respect the greats had for him.

Southern Nights is one of my all-time favorites. Gentle On My Mind is not far behind.

I met Glenn Campbell in the press box at WMS just before a Razorback game when I was a freshman working in the SID’s office at the UA. My HS journalism teacher wrote an article about him just about the time he had his first hit song and she was all bonkers over him. I asked him if he remembered her. He did & was very kind about her. We spoke for maybe 5 minutes. He was an incredibly gracious man. That was before he’d gotten really big, but he was still something of a celebrity.

Correct. He was with them for about a year, after Brian Wilson backed out of touring due to a panic attack and other problems. He was also a member of the Champs, best known for their hit “Tequila”, although “Tequila” was recorded before Glen joined the band.

As most know, Glen got his start by being a superstar studio guy who worked with a “who’s who” list of artists in the early to mid 60’s. He was particularly well known as a guitar virtuoso, but had an outstanding voice as well. With his talent, and the connections he got doing the studio work, it was inevitable he would get a chance for stardom and take off when he did. That’s what happened.

He was in high demand and worked with a tremendous variety of very popular recording acts. In addition to the ones mentioned above, he also contributed to recordings for Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, the Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, Merle Haggard, Jan and Dean, Elvis Presley, Ronnie Dove, and Phil Spector, among many others. The number of studio sessions he participated in was in the hundreds.

His first solo release was “Look at Me”, way back in 1961, but he had no name recognition and the record died - probably because none of the DJ’s played it. The song became a hit in the mid-60’s when the Vogues covered it, but Glen’s version probably would have done well with more exposure.