Arkansas' open practice in BWA

Stopped by Arkansas’ open practice in Bud Walton Arena for about an hour this morning. As I was on media day when we were allowed to take in about an hour, I was impressed with the attention to detail from Eric Musselman and his staff.

Taped to the scorer’s table today were 10 white poster boards filled with information on Rice. That info ranged anywhere from the Owls’ halfcourt sets (complete with diagrams) to sideline/baseline out of bounds plays (with diagrams) to a depth chart to a full board dedicated to who the coaches consider to be Rice’s star - Trey Murphy III.

On Murphy, the board read: 3-point shooter (80 percent of shots from 3) … capable straight line driver, likes left hand … midrange shooter.

Arkansas also spent plenty of time working on what Rice does offensively. Musselman, in breaking the team into two groups, had one end of the floor work on defending Rice’s bigs, who like to slip ball screens and jump to the wings, and on the other end, Razorbacks guards worked on defending the Owls’ pitchback action, which is essentially a two-player weave on the perimeter.

On another note, I anticipate Desi Sills, Jimmy Whitt, Isaiah Joe, Adrio Bailey and Mason Jones to take the floor first on Tuesday. That group worked together the entire time I was present.


It’s good to see the open practice! I’m looking forward to basketball both men’s and women’s!

Wow, the anticipated starting lineup is very small inside!

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i’ll tell you what’s nice to see. a detailed scouting report. an open practice. we might get outmanned this year because of size, but i don’t think we’er going to be out coached. we will be prepared. I’ve heard it’s all about us from both our former basketball coach and morris on the football team. it’s all about preparation for the other team to try and win a game. what a breath of fresh air.

Saw the same, Scottie. Did a basketball junkie’s heart good.

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I LOVED the practice. lots of vocal coaches, lots of vocal players, lots of attention to detail.

Practice was stopped and an assistant (Crutch?) was firm with 13, who replied “I waved him through 3 times”. “I know you waved, but did you SAY it to him” 2 second pause, then 13 nods and says “yes, sir”.

as a dad and a fan, did my heart good.

Later, Connor got an offensive rebound over Cylla, and muss jumps in (in general his assistants seemed to be coaching each half of the court’s action), suddenly very angry about lack of boxing out, makes his point clearly and quickly, practice quickly resumes. and Cylla was boxing out like a madman.

Just to hear a coach use the words “box out” makes me happy. and the attention to detail, and the fast pace of practice, the way a coach stops, every player immediately is facing that coach and paying attention-a point is made and practice rapidly resumes. I’m telling you, it’s a well oiled machine.

I think this staff’s attention to detail is remarkable. like Belichek stuff.

also all the players look muscled up. noticeably. gonna be a more physical team for sure. Sills is very vocal.

and I had the pleasure of meeting IJoe’s dad-very nice man, I really like seeing polite kids and solid parents, makes this dad very happy.

I think we only have 1 NBA player, and we lost our only lottery pick, but I am really looking forward to watching this group of players/coaches attack the season!


Isn’t Trey Murphy III redundantly repetitive?


Let the games begin and start winning more games than the previous coach. Would like to see the 22 wins per year bar set by the previous coach to be raised to at least 26. Hopefully Muss will do even better.

I’m very excited for the season to begin. However, all the polls have us fairly low. They aren’t always right, but they are usually pretty close.

Due to our lack of height, and how well the other SEC teams have recruited, and the number of good coaches now, I’m thinking 18-21 wins.

Haha, perhaps. That is just what was written on the poster board.

Does that mean there was a Trey Murphy, Jr.? Or Trey Murphy II? Haha