Arkansas on SEC Network

I pay for both the SEC network and the SEC alternate network. When I signed up, I was led to understand that that way I could watch all of the Razorback football and basketball games that were not being shown on the “regular” networks. For the Montana State basketball game, the SEC network showed a rerun of some football game (not the Hogs, however) from a number of years ago, and the alternate network was off the air. Tonight I do not get to see the Hogs play because Kentucky is on the SEC network and the alternate network remains off the air. What’s the problem with showing the Arkansas basketball games???

It is on SEC+ which means it is being live streamed on ESPN3 online.

Thanks SoSrk, but my television does not get ESPN3, and I am a very old man who does not have all that expensive technical stuff that (I think) it takes to pick that up. My computer access is via phone line, my cell phone is a small and old flip top model, etc. Besides that, here in Baton Rouge the local newspaper might (or might not) just have the final score with no other information. Guess that I’ll just have to follow along on the Whole Hog Sports blogs and wait to read until it’s over. I guess that’s the reason that I pay for Whole Hog Sports. Thanks again for trying to help!!!

The Kentucky basketball network is up and running :rage:

Just type espn3 on your computer go to live tv and sometimes it asks your internet provider or cable provider click on that and game comes on if your paying for that

I understand not having the equipment to make the game work on your TV, but if you love watching sports, it is going to be more and more of an essential moving forward. The games like the one tonight just are not appealing for networks and never are going to be, so streaming is going to be the only way to watch everything. And I think more programming is going to move toward streaming in the future.

For tech savvy people I have a WiFi with version and watching I get a lot of skips. What can I do to help this?

For the most part it is going to be what download speed you have from your provider (what level you are paying for), and the quality of your WiFi router, and strength if WiFi signal (Proximity of receiver to router, etc)

Let’s assume your internet speed from provider is fast enough because if this isn’t fast enough not much you can do.

Is router 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz?

5Ghz is faster but has shorter range. So you must be within ~25 ft for it to not drop. The more walls the shorter distance is. Always best to set your router up higher with clearer line of sight.

2.4 is slower much range is greater.

2.4 is common frequency as older cordless phones. Were you seeing dropouts when someone was talking on phone? If so, change channel on phone.

Do you live in Apt or Condo where multiple people are using wireless? Try changing channel frequency on router to different channel.

If distance from router is problem, consider getting repeaters to give you better coverage.

You can download apps or goto websites to check your connection speed and see if you are getting what you expect.

If you aren’t getting speed you expect and you think you are in range, unplug router/modem. Wait 60 seconds and plug back in. Many times providers update modem at power up.

Finally check to see if you have any s/w updates for router.

Hope this helps

Outstanding info and very detailed and accurate :+1:

I hired a nice guy geek from craigslist. He told me what to buy before he came out and charged my only $50.00 to set up everything. Which took him less than an hour. Now I’ve got Roku’s and iPads streaming all over the place.

I’ve not dropped Directv yet. For those who have, if you use Hulu or YouTube, is that enough to get all the SEC and ESPN station needed to keep up with the Hogs? Including baseball?

I tried to watch the women play BB and they were on yet another ESPN feed that required another monthly fee.

Source of your internet can be an issue too. I get internet through Cox. They promise high speeds, but if everybody else in your neighborhood is online, or even watching TV, the speed drops way off. I’m supposed to get up to 150 mbps; just ran a download test and it was 29, and at times it’s been like 17. Only thing you can do to fix that is change providers, and in some areas that’s problematic.

I downloaded area 51 on Firestick and have over 1,700 channels for 5.99 a month. (Including every premium & PPV for free) + every ABC, NBC, CBS in New York, Chicago & Los Angeles. Every ESPN, FOXSports, NBA, NHL, MLB game (including NBAtv, Tennis channel, Golf Channel, Cricket, Soccer) Every basic cable channel & BBC version of that channel. + local channels in Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Boston, Dallas, Houston etc…(most European stations, Africa, Asian etc…)
It’s tons I’m forgetting (even every nudy channel on the market)


I have YoutubeTV and Philo streamed over Roku devices. YoutubeTV gives me, in Little Rock, all local stations (except PBS) ESPN, SEC, etc. Philo has several channels I like that YoutubeTV doesn’t have, such as History, HGTV, FOOD, DIY, SciFi, etc. so I add them to YoutubeTV and pay around $60 per month for both for all of the channels that I ever watched on DirectTV dish where I paid a lot more locked into a long contract. You need a strong wifi signal for Roku to reach TV’s away from the base unit. I had to add wifi boosters to eliminate some problems with freezing up. Buying the Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming sticks was a one time cost. One unanticipated bonus is there are a lot of free channels that come with Roku streaming. My wife loves the Ozzie & Harriet, Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, etc. channels. They have hundreds of old episodes but the thing she loves the most are the old commercials that are on some of them. Watching them tout the health benefits of Lucky Strike cigarettess is hilarious.

When you buy the Roku equipment, all of the streaming services have free trials so you can try them all at the same time if you want and dump the ones you don’t like. Keep checking <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 5bd8abe40a”></LINK_TEXT> to keep up with all of the changes. They are fixing and adding stuff constantly so there may be better options that spring up every month. No contracts means you can switch when you want.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

So, to STREAM it, there are announcers there. There are cameras there. The signal is being “broadcast” somehow out of the building onto the internet. Why would it cost more to put a game on the SEC Alternative Channel instead of just on the internet? Me? I can get it, and chromcast it up to my TV, no problem. My 81 year old mother? NEVER going to happen.

I get it that they might think they get more ratings for a replay of some old game. BUT, when the SEC Alternative channel is showing a blank screen, why NOT put it one there?

I am sure there is a substantial difference in fees that ESPN has to pay SEC for putting it on the regular network instead of WatchESPN. I am assuming that ESPN does not think Arkansas vs UT Arlington is going to attract major advertising fees. They are just trying to manage cost to revenue.

We should be thankful that the game is at least on WatchESPN rather than complain about it.