Arkansas-Ole Miss live blog

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Arkansas playing good defense but can’t pull away from Ole Miss. We’ve got them down, we need to put them out of the game early and not hang around.

3 illegal screens in a row lead to OM points.

Well news flash. Cyllia has made the stat line! 1/4 free throws, 1 rebound and a turn over.
He showed the rust on the fast break by not finishing and missed both free throws. The next drive to the hole he didn’t show much confidence and missed the shot but made 1 of 2 from the sharing stripe. The pass at the feet of a teammate for the TO was the end of his time. Maybe we see Chaney next.
Offense is our problem right now.
We are rebounding that is great to see.

Need a strong push to end the half. Our defense is doing well, but we need to push the lead to 6-8 before half. And keep OM off the FT line.

Had a feeling this
Was going to happen, can’t throw it in the ocean. Got off to a great start since then we have looked awful. Missed free throws have really hurt us

Well we can’t make our free throws and Ole Miss hasn’t missed 1! Cyllia can’t make anything! He can’t get it done at this point! He killed the mo jo when he came in the game. Heck try Henderson. Bad half.

Cannot play 7 all season

We look tired

Get Cylla out. You made your point, but at least Chaney can make those easy shots.

Guys are conceding the middle of the floor too easily and can’t buy a bucket on offense.

We have some of their more crucial guys in foul trouble so we need to attack the basket.

You can attack all day but with Cyllia in position to score he has failed to get it done in those 4 chances. It’s like a turnover. Chaney is just better.

We look out of sorts, we need to do something to rebuild our confidence or this will get ugly after half. Not sure what adjustments CEM can make at half,sure hope he has something up his sleeve! WPS

Again, we are conceding the middle of the floor too easily and giving them easy bunnies.

Better flip the switch and wake up. Collective no-shows don’t usually end well.

We’re real close here to getting blown out by very average Ole Miss team. We can’t guard them they’re blowing by us like we’re standing still, and they are all over us. SEC going to be a grind… like I said just enjoy the wins that we get.

Musselman has got to get away from this small lineup because OM has just as fast of athletes as we do. Get Bailey and Chaney in there at the same time.

Finally called an illegal screen

Isaiah Joe keeping us in the game. We are not going to be able to guard then one on one that’s pretty apparent

Mason Jones needs to wake up.

One out of 10 it was about time.
Now let wait and see if they wi call the contact when we go to the hole that they have failed to call all game long!