Arkansas- Ole Miss game thread

Starting early.

Durn!!! What channel!!!

SEC channel 611 Directv

I’m ready, let’s go.
And for MalvernHog’s Aunt Shorty: GO TO HELL OLE MISS, GO TO HELL!

Let’s go

Hmmmm…neither O looked good, and neither did either D. First team to 3?

Helmet to helmet hit on Knox…

Hmmm…QB scrambles, soft coverage, poor tackling. I thought Bret was at New England

I reserve judgement but it may not take a half to see what we have.

Why? Why do we seem to make every QB look like an NFL pro-bowler?

Why not fair catch, get the ball at the 25, instead we are inside the 20

So. OM, with a frosh qb and new OC and system, can run tempo but we can’t with a qb in his 4th yr in the system?

At least Boyd can get yards

Shhhhh…someone may get upset


I thought so as well. Sure looked like helmet to helmet to me.

Looked better that drive, then stalled. Hopefully, the D can keep it close til we start finishing drives

Ben Hicks is not an SEC QB!

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Wow :open_mouth:

Best play of the yr. Great timing with Hicks an Ogrady