Arkansas-Ole Miss game thread

He certainly made no attempt to tackle the QB. None…

I’ve noticed a lot of defensive players do that, it seems to be a thing now, try to strip and forget to tackle. (Not just talking AR)


Agree, that was weak effort

Correct, so has to be some coaching involved in that.

Text book targeting on #3. Gotta throw him out and give us 15 yards.

Dirty as it gets. Ty was down. He should be suspended for a while. Dangerous.

Officials ran out of flags on the melee. But hey the boys sticking up for their QB.

Wow getting to cute just got Ty waxed

That was dumb. Very…

Two things I hate. Cutesy and slow developing pass plays. What was Craddock thinking?

And I repeat…

I don’t understand that play. You complain about the OL not protecting the QB from getting hit and then you run him out there as a receiver where he is open game.

Cornelius shouldn’t have thrown it to him. Mistake by him, should’ve ran or thrown it away.

Plays asnt Craddock fault, it was Cornelius for throwing it to the qb. Option or not he should’ve recognized it wasn’t there and not put his qb in that position.

Not always the calls fault, sometimes it’s the players.

Cornelius should have stayed with 1st option and threw it deep hard as he could. Had a man with separation down the middle of the field.

OM guy had a handful of our guys jersey holding him from the tackle on KO…sigh

T’amu may run for 200 yds on a QB draw geez!!!

Anyway the grave digger came in and cleaned it all up in one play.

Yep! He dug that hole just a little deeper!
Go Hogs:bangbang: