Arkansas-Ole Miss game thread

kickoff at 6:30.

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Now while I like the red hog on the white helmet better than the hog outline, I don’t like having the same color helmet as the opponent.

Yea noticed the same thing. Just doesn’t seem practical

Pulley needs to look for the ball. He can show the displeasure of not getting the flag for offensive pass interference but he was grabbing the receivers arms prior to the pass.

WMS looks embarrassing on tv. Small, unfilled, crappy.

Heard the play clock isn’t working either, not a surprise.

No idea why we play here with the stadium we have in Fayetteville. A tradition worth forgetting imo.

It looks like a dadgum Cornhusker intra-squad game.

that will kill a blitz every time!great call

Cole Kelley is a team player. I respect him a lot.

Ty steps up when the pressure was on, great play

Brings back memories of another #5!

In the first quarter already!


From what I’ve seen last week and tonight, Rakeem deserves to wear #5.

Representing the # 5 well.

I agree Marty. A great addition.

Rakeem is a dog!

I’d love to see his career take an AJ Derby turn. TE and short yardage QB.

Oh no!

Right now I’m just overjoyed to see them winning - playing hard - in sync / crowd sounds good on TV

I do love the 2006 Arkansas uniform best
But so happy this team is playing so well

Is Coach Morris a new JFB?

Keep the hammer down and don’t let up until the clock reads 0 in the 4th quarter

Santos literally just tried to punch that ball out with ZERO attempt to make the tackle.

Why the hell we start this guy week after week blows my mind.