Arkansas OL pledge Dylan Rathcke has a date with the Dome (story)...

He’ll play for a state championship at 3:30 p.m. today and then come to Fayetteville for his official visit. … date-dome/

Dudley, my wife wants me to inform you it’s not called Lab but “U High” by folks like her that graduated there! :smiley: :smiley:

Secondly, we’ve got a date we th Dome too tomorrow night! I’ll be on the sidelines of West Monroe. Our defense has not been scored on this entire playoffs thus far, and I’m curious to see if Zachary can withstand the pressure this bunch will put on them. D1 talent all over this defense, and several are sophomores and juniors. Our Jr QB is starting to get serious interest from the local schools at ULM and La Tech, and he’s a great kid that grew up in church with us.

Tell her I am aware of that, but I have to go by the official title.

Good luck on your game, but sounds like y’all might not need it.

Dylan team just won the state title

You know these Baton Rouge girls can be a handful, as I’ve tried to train it out of her :lol:
I’m going to see Karr this afternoon before our game to watch Bush and crew, since it’s raining all day down here and I might as well stay dry. I’m excited to watch him live. I’ll post something if I have time tonight. We start taping and such at 5 in the locker room so I probably won’t be able to watch but about the 1st half of Karrs game.