Arkansas OL commit Noah Banks to visit Auburn...

this weekend per his twitter.

It would have been nice to have a guy in place at Arkansas by now so he could have lined up some official visitors for this weekend that he wants.

Arkansas has already had three pledges de-commit and now has two of its three OL commits looking around in Luke Jones and Noah Banks.

Jones is now taking an official visit to Notre Dame this weekend while Banks has offers flowing in and will now visit Auburn this weekend.

More important to make this hire the right hire, but being held hostage by the Malzahn “decision” and not getting an AD quicker has put Arkansas behind the eight ball.

Agree. They knew they were going to fire Long. They should’ve done their leg work and had an AD in place in at least two weeks after the firing of Long.

It apparently was going to be a small class anyway, but if guys keep de-committing (which you’d expect some), it may be even smaller if a new coach and staff is not in place soon.