Arkansas-Oklahoma State Game 2

Here are tonight’s starting lineups.

Ughh. A LHP

Who is Home team?

Arkansas is the home team.

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He’s in LH but 35 IP 47 hits 32 K ERA 5.91 opponents hitting 322 off of him so he’s pitched very bad for them. I know that doesn’t mean anything because we can make them look like Sandy Koufax sometimes.

My biggest fear is they Bat first in This crowd is going to be going berserk and seeing Wiggins out on that mound freaks me out and I’m afraid we may be down 2 or 3runs before we even bat if he throws the ball away he did last week. He can be great sometimes so let’s hope we see that version


OSU is really hyped after that great comeback. We better be ready.

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Guess I won’t be watching. ESPN is making you pay 6.99 to watch.

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Yes, I know.

Yeah, but you have Phil and Bubba. You are good

I usually just listen to them regardless if it’s on TV.

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Me too

And my fear is being behind in the count because we watch a perfectly good pitch go by

Also, walking lead batter

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Good start. Leadoff out, but then a single

Maybe a game difference early game to this game for those hot hitters is that shade that wasn’t there Earlier. Harder to see the ball.

I’m watching and listening to Phil.

I know with Wiggins its basically a coin toss if you get the good Wiggins or you get the Wiggins that gets knocked all over. I hope this is one coin toss we win tonight but I fear OSU’s bats are so hot right now they will just have to get near the ball and it will be flying all over… if not out of the park.

He has got to be able to throw strikes

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You cannot walk these guys especially out of the stretch now… that was an awesome first thing!! But we’ve seen that before. He pitches like that we’re going to be in great shape


That 3-1 pitch sure looked good to me.

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