Arkansas, Okla. State to meet in Big 12/SEC Challenge

The matchups for 2021 were just announced:

This will be a good matchup. No matter the sanctions, Oklahoma State will be a tough matchup.

Okie Lite still has the #1 recruit in the country, Cade Cunningham. Kinda reminds me of playing Indiana a couple of years ago when they had that 5-star stud Romeo Langford. We won, just barely.

Wasn’t Cade Cunnigham a teammate of Moses Moody at Montverde?

Yes he was.

Other choices were Baylor, OU, KSU and WV. Baylor would have been more appealing matchup for fans, but least winnable game. I think OSU is the most winnable opponent of the five choices.

I like playing Nutt’s school. Go Hogs.

I went the last time these teams met four years ago. It was a fun trip, although the Hogs got drubbed. Okie Lite was honoring the Ten and that guard Forte was setting the all-time school or Big 12 3-point record I can’t remember which.

Actually these two teams met last, a year later than when you mentioned, at BWA and Hogs won on Jaylen Barford’s heroics at the end.

I meant in Stillwater.

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