Arkansas offers No. 7 big man in 2019 class

Will Baker is being recruited by Scotty Thurman.

Profile: … will-baker

Kind of a head scratcher. Wonder why they have decided to waste their time here?

Why is it a waste? With our recent success with big men, we should at least intrigue his interest.

Lol come on man.

Swing for the fences.

If you have a legit point, I’d love to read it.

Portis, Kingsley, Gafford. Disagree?

How could anyone disagree with that? ghg

Consider the source, when it crawls out from under the bridge.

I wonder if little e has two board accounts?

Poor ole Arkansas doesn’t breathe in that rarified air.
Defeatism by any other name. We have been and will again be
a major player on the national stage.

Many wounds have been healed and the perception about Arkansas Basketball
is far more positive than it was a decade ago. We are on an ascending path.

Surely you aren’t serious about Bobby and Big Dan.

Nah. The Sesame Street reject focuses on football and his mancrush on Joey Freshwater. This one is hoopcentric.

The only funny thing here is the fact anyone even thinks we have a realistic shot at this guy. Even Richard said this is a swing for the fences type deal. I admire the optimism but sometimes you have to take off the rose colored glasses and put down the red koolaid. I’m guessing this will be the last thing we hear about in regards to Baker/Arkansas tied together.

If you don’t think we have a legit shot, that’s fine, but I don’t get the instant pessimism without any reason. Yes, it could be a long shot, but you can’t win the recruit unless you put your name in the hat.

Don’t backpedal now. Your “come on man” was to challenge the statement that Arkansas has had recent success with big men.

I think you read my post wrong, unless I am reading your post wrong. I am saying Arkansas has had success with those three.

I’m diggin this!

IDK what side Userpick was taking on that comment, but personally, I think it’s a little unrealistic to think that we have had enough notable success to get any special attention for our big men… we’ve had one late first round draft pick as a big man. Portis was good but I’m sure people inside the state think he is a lot better than everybody outside of the state does… Kingsley was an above average player but nothing noteworthy on a national scale… and while Gafford probably has the highest ceiling of all of them, he hasn’t gotten drafted yet. That being said, you can’t ignore the total dumpster fire our power forward position has been for the last 10 years (aside from portis being a little bit of a tweener). Regardless, even if you View those three players in their best light, there are still numerous teams within our own region (Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Oklahoma etc) who have produced higher quantity and quality big men in the last 10 years… so while I’m not beating the drum of us not having any chance, I’m also not going to beat our chest about our record with big men recently

So, based on all this, we should disregard we offered the kid. Interesting.