Arkansas offers Creed Williamson

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I like it. wps

Damn its gonna feel good seeing Williamson on a Hog jersey again😤.

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Wonder if he’ll wear #34?

Great to see the Williamson lineage of All time great Razorbacks returning to the farrowing house so to speak ! WPS

I’ll speculate Creed has some game. Muss would not offer him unless he does.

Love it!

Have to offer him if he can play and I bet he can play well. This is one of those that the program needs. It would not be right to see a Williamson playing against the Hogs.

I have never seen him play, but I would be willing to bet that he is a player. He certainly has the genes of one of the greatest Razorbacks ever!!

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The Williamson name is huge in the state of Arkansas. Muss and the coaching staff had no choice but to offer Corliss’ son a scholie. It would’ve looked really bad if this coaching staff didn’t offer. Creed has improved a lot, more offensive versality than a year ago, expanding his game out to the 3-pt line.

And we know Muss love bigs that can face up and knock down shots out to the 3-pt line; so I’m not the least bit surprised with this offer at all.

LR Christian should be really stout with both Creed and Blocker on the team. By the way, is this a misprint or is there really a freshman PG “Corliss Williamson” (Jr?) on the LR Christian 2020/21 roster?,ar)/basketball/roster.htm

Yes, Corliss has a younger son at LR Christian. He had a full beard in the 8th grade.

I’m not all that familiar with “Jrs”, but isn’t it unusual that the younger son would be a “Jr.”? Of course, the roster did not have “Jr” by his name. Maybe it’s his middle name and he just uses it?

Not that it matters. I say offer any and all of his sons. If he has any, also offer his daughter(s). :grinning:

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