Arkansas offers Arkansas

I did a double take. Sam Pittman offered the entire state.

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He might not be the most physical LB out there but when he finds the ball, he’s like a heat seeking missile. He zeroes in and it’s a wrap.

Great name!

Love the name…sure he is a lock with a last name like that lol. JK…but would be great to land him!

Arkansas plans to visit Arkansas on March 7.

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Cool to see Arkansas on both the front and back of Jersey…

Is there any formation on the player that I am not seeing? Such as where does he play? Are there any connections or just any information at all?
I guess I am showing my age, but I don’t get this form of Twitter reporting where the name changes, but all the other info from “I am blessed…” is the same for every players.

you’re having fun with this, aren’t you!


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Ryan High School in Denton, Texas.

Better that than have him attend Bama or Texas. Can’t remember Bama having anything on their jerseys besides names, so he could conceivably wear a crimson jersey with Arkansas prominently displayed. Ha!

I can see this playing havoc with the broadcasts. “Arkansas is in the game for Arkansas.” Lots of possibilities.

I really hope he doesn’t pronounce it Ar-KANSAS.

But then again, Joe Theismann pronounced his name THEES-man until he got to Notre Dame. Their publicist told him it needed to rhyme with Heisman. And it was Tony DOR-sett until later in his career at Pitt. So he wouldn’t be the first athlete to change the pronunciation in mid-college.

True, but those other pronunciation changes don’t disrespect the state (or more accurately, piss me off). Of course, if the family pronounces it that way, it’s unfortunate. In that case, I’d love for him to change it to the proper pronuniation.

Well that’s a first for me. I have never seen anyone with the last name Arkansas. I would love to know how that happened.

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