Arkansas offers 2019 guard

Good to see if this offer is covering bases. Yes they’ve been caught w pants down a couple of times so if this is a contingency plan I’m all for it.

But if they are planning then the coaches must have a sense someone might transfer. Wonder who.

Yes recruiters call them combo guards and say they “can play” the point. True statement. But there is a huge difference between “can play”" the point and “plays” the point.

The plot thickens. RD by that do you mean you see more people leaving, or that we are going to be putting more offers out or that there are just new prospects coming out that we hadnt heard about? I guess most of that would go hand in hand though.

I for one wouldn’t be shocked if someone exited the building with dueces held high in the next month or so. I pray it isn’t Reggie Chaney because I will tell you, when he came in for about 3-4 minutes for the first time in Mizzou game then came back out with a mass substitution he did NOT look happy about it at all. People may disagree with this but I don’t understand how Gabe O goes in before Chaney does but that is just me and my Hog buddies feel the same way. Either way, he is the one I would hate to see us lose after this year! Sadly, had D Hall not left it makes one wonder if we would have a few more wins with him still here???

I had high hopes for Chaney but, I’ve seen nothing from him that would leave me heartbroken if he left. Then again, I can say that about every player on the roster. Joe (even tho he plays the laziest defense I’ve seen in a while), Harris and Jones are the exceptions.

That’s a bit of the same formula followed by some of the other freshman who have left after a year. Inconsistent minutes that are yo-yo’ed each game and given to lesser talented players. So I could see it.

Raymond Hawkins is a must get imo… this guy is nice too I wonder if the staff has seen enough of Justice in practice to think maybe he is better suited for football at this level than basketball

Another kid that’s not public yet. It will makes sense once it’s out.

Chaney needs playing time to improve not 3 minute intervals!

Chaney was called for traveling 3 times the other night in limited minutes. Not sure I’ve ever seen that before. Needs to cut that out if he wants more PT.

Gracias, Señor Davenport

No hay problema

Ibby Ali. Makes the most sense. Hasn’t played a lick. Ethan is not going anywhere.

JHarris has a child, i could see him bouncing to Euro league or NBA G.

To the guy saying Chaney looked unhappy, he should’ve. He had two travels again in as many minutes before ever putting the ball on the floor. Chaney has zero reason to leave. He will be our 4 spot next year and get 25 plus minutes per game and he’s arguably our best defender and can defend every position on the floor.

J Harris to G or Euroleague??? That kid cant play in an adult mens recreational basketball league let alone any kind of pro league…

I’m talking about another prospect. Sorry for the confusion.

That’s one of the biggest problems with our fanbase. Snide remarks on players after one bad game. Not trying to single you out so no offense. Harris will get paid to play basketball one day. I’d bet on it.

Ali is redshirting. He cannot play and still redshirt. I hope he stays. That is a live 6-10 body. Watching him in pregame warmup, I hate to lose him.

I haven’t seen anything on him redshirting. If so, great. I still don’t see him on the roster next year. Hope i’m wrong and he contributes

The state of NCAA D1 college basketball has gotten to be so dirty in recruiting with the one and done era and all of the business decisions being made for 17 & 18 year old players by their handlers and the NCAA not having the guts to get it under control that it might be time to just separate those programs that everyone knows to be cheating into their own division to compete only with one another and then have those programs that actually continue to recruit within the NCAA rules compete within a division all their own.
A truly collegiate division filled with student athletes, wouldn’t that be a novel concept.

Go Hogs!

Some fans are a little narrow sighted & have selective memories. Just think if Harris had not been on the court all year. His outside shooting needs to get better and I bet he works hard on it till next year. Probably our best guard that’s able to take it inside to the rim.
Nobody on this team is void of bad games.