Arkansas offers 2019 guard

Well that tells us something is up there.

He’s averaging 16.2 points and 8 rebounds in the last four games.

Not really, a bunch of teams just offered him recently, WVU, Iowa State, Georgetown, and more. Looks like a guy that just recently blew up, his highlight tapes look really good. I looked on his twitter don’t see any of the Razorback coaches following him. Just looking at this situation… now this is just my opinion… I’d say this is one of those offers where a kid just blew up so much and no blue bloods are on him yet, so staff just threw a scholarship out there to see how much interest there is and see if they can get a steal here in the Spring. I think it’s unlikely anything comes from this.

It must have been really recently, if he blew up. He was on the “Playaz Club” Team in the Nike Elite AAU 17U Circuit last year. In 10 games, he averaged 5.7 minutes and 2.6 points per game? That was quite a light that came on for him recently. However, that’s 3 (now 4, with the Hogs) nice offers if legit.

strange offer. we need bigs. we have 3 point guards on roster now, harris, hill, and sills, all with multiple years remaining. wonder who is leaving. hard to figure this recruiting strategy out. kid looks good on videos.

He currently holds offers from Iowa State, West Virginia, Arkansas, Dayton, Rutgers, St. Bonaventure, Robert Morris, and several others. N.C. State and Boston College just reached out to after his performance on Sunday.

Boston College is coming in today to see him.

I have a feeling this kid is about to blow up.

There’s more to come.

I read someplace that Justice Hill was going to meet with CM soon to discuss football. Any relation between the two events?


How many “more to come” and go?

Highly doubt. No way he doesn’t play BB.

I’m guessing it has something to do with Garland if a player is transferring or an issue with an open scholarship.

So slow play Issac McBride, but throw an offer at this kid to see if they can steal someone late? That’s a bold strategy Cotton let’s see if it pays off for them.

No, nothing to do with Justice.

But the staff doesn’t want to get caught without any options just in case anybody leaves unexpectedly.

As we know has happened lately.

When that has happened, some of you have criticized the staff for not doing its due diligence.

Can’t have it both ways.

Let’s be honest, everyone except UALR slow played young Mr. McBride and then he blew up in the last two weekends of his last AAU season.

I have always been a fan of McBride’s and thought they should have found a way to land him, even if there were no scholarships.

That being said, should you not cover your bases at this point with nearly a 1,000 players transferring each season, including many from here?

Could not agree more Dudley Dawson. I was very critical of the staff being caught flat footed when Qualls and Portis left (and I certainly understand you’ve disagreed with my take on this for years now) so I definitely feel they should be offering a number of kids at this point. Let’s speak frankly, we will have one or two head scratching transfers in about a month’s time. I’d anticipate up to 4 or 5 new Hogs including J Hill on next year’s squad even without a coaching change.

It’s just disappointing to see another blue blood poach a player from our state once again.

Sills never ran the point for Jonesboro. He is as much a PG on this team as Embery-Simpson is. Maybe when a guard is of a small size, there is a tendency to call them a PG.

I am sure he can develop into one in due time. But he is not one right now.

I’m glad you said that, I swear it’s been stated before that both Sills and Embery-Simpson were both 2’s in HS that could handle the ball.