Arkansas offers 2018 QB

Former Mizzou commit James Foster.

Profile: … mes-foster

I was really impressed by his tape. Good arm and fast. Hope we land him!

Can do it with his arm or his feet.
Nice touch on the ball too.

This is the type of QB that literally cost BB his job as his defenses couldn’t devise a way to stop, and our QB’s for the past 5 years offered no threat to punish defenders with the run. IMO this singular fact put the Hogs on a downward trend for the past few years. Look what Jalen Hurts brought to Bama. I’ve mention on here several times before that I watched Cole Kelly’s high school career and know that he can successfully run the CM offense at a high level. He has the arm and is deceptively fast for a 6’7" human - but getting a true dual-threat kid like this into the system could possibly take us to another level. This is the new reality of football, I believe.

Just from a look at this kids twitter I can assume from his background picture (deshaun Watson) that Chad has an easy in with him.

We sure need him.

Unlike the poster above me I don’t think Cole can run Chads offense, I also don’t think there’s anything fast about him. Maybe once he gets going, but in a heavy read option, RPO offense, you need quick, not necessarily blazing fast. Coles not quick. I figure Hyatt and Noland will get the best shot at starting next year.

I believe you hit the nail on the head and if I were Cole Kelly I would transfer today ! If Cole looks at the guys CCM is trying to recruit he will see that he has nothing in common with himself, he’s a pro style QB and should transfer to a team that fits him instead of him trying to fit the team. Cole came in and ran the ball enough to keep teams off balance somewhat but there’s no future in doing that beyond college and he can ask Tebow,Manziel or RGIII and host of others. Cole could very well see himself on the bench this year and he cannot afford to do that in my opinion. This is by no means is intended as a insult to CCM but anyone can see Cole is not the type he would go out and recruit, it’s just my opinion of what’s best for Cole and his future. WPS

I agree.

I think Cole has potential, just not in this offense. I know he was in the spread in highschool, but this isn’t highschool.

He ought to reach out to Enos and see about a Michigan gig, Harbaugh likes really big QBs also.

Well, I certainly wouldn’t transfer today if I was Cole.

What would that accomplish? He wouldn’t be able to play anywhere on this level until 2019.

And what competitor runs without first giving himself and the system a chance in spring practice?

So you guys are thinking our only QB with SEC starting experience should transfer without even giving himself a chance to compete? I think you will find he has a little tougher make up than that.

I never said he should now, as Dudley said it doesn’t make sense.

However after he gets his degree, I’m sure by then he will be ready to. I know he’s a competitor, but it doesn’t take a genius to look and see from Chads previous QBs, Coles not quite what he uses. Nothing against cole, like I said, I think he has potential, but he needs to be in he system that suits him best and helps his chances for a NFL career.

Transfer? How silly. Give Cole the spring with the QB coach and see if we aren’t satisfied.

He will just be a redshirt sophomore next season

I know, I just see that a lot of these guys finish their degree in 3-3.5 years now.

But at the same time if he were to decide to transfer after spring practice or whenever it would give him more time to learn the new schools play book etc, while sitting out.

I want the best for cole I just don’t think he’s a fit, I also question of some of the OL will be able to adapt to the new style as well as some of our many TEs. I know Chad uses TEs, but I doubt there will be 2 or even 3 on the field at a time like we’ve seen in the past.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cole shed some pounds and become quicker and a better runner. If that happens, he may be exactly what CCM needs to run the offense. One thing about it, he’s the only quarterback on staff who knows what it’s like to go to war in the SEC. I would hate to lose that experience before anyone knows whether he can play the position in that offense or not.

Very few people graduate in 3 years

It’s just my opinion of what I think would be best for his career, but I’m sure you have inside info on what CCM thinks of Cole that I don’t, but I stick with my opinion all the same. I guess time will tell the story as it always does. WPS

I’m not questioning the toughness of Cole by any means, I was just giving my opinion of what I thought would be best for him personally. I don’t know exactly how CCM will use Cole and niether does anyone else but he just doesn’t seem to fit in my opinion. We need him to be the starter and play well for the team but I wasn’t stating what was good for the team when I made the post. WPS

I think a whole lot of people have formed a negative opinion of CK based on what they saw in half a season behind a horrible offensive line. Cam Newton or Jameis Winston wouldn’t have won the Heisman behind our line, I promise you that. I’m willing to give the guy a chance to show what he can do when someone is actually blocking for him.

Tajh Boyd wasn’t a fast guy nor was he a great runner but he did pretty good in Coach Morris system! I think Cole will do just fine actually!

You’re right about Boyd not being fast.

But like I said I don’t think it’s about over all speed, it’s about true mobility and quickness. You need some lateral agility, and if you’ve ever watched Boyd you know he had that.

His system doesn’t need a speed demon, in fact it’s never had it, Watson isn’t blazing fast either. You just need an athletic guy who can wiggle out of a RPO gone bad.

I like Cole, nothing negative to say about him, I think he has a lot of potential. I just think he’s not a good fit, from the outside looking in.

I think Noland and Hyatt will probably be more suited for this offense, both guys are gifted passers and athletic as well.

Now if cole manages to lose 40 pounds, who knows how he will do. But at 270 he’s far too heavy in my opinion.