Arkansas now #22 in AP poll...

This week

Tennessee ahead of Arkansas. Makes no sense any way you cut it.

Tennessee is #23.

Will be tough to stay in next week with two road games this week.

How long has it been?

Since we were ranked? The last Portis team was ranked.

Ok. I am an idiot. I saw tweets about Gary Parrish and Seth Davis’ picks and thought Tennessee was ahead of us. Both of them had Tennessee above us.

Yes, it’s rare to go 2-0 on the road in a week in any conference much less a very improved SEC.

If we can somehow pull it off we have a chance to stack up some wins and get some attention.

I think if we go 1-1 we will stay ranked. There’s going to be some guys ahead of us that drop games as well.

I think we’ll beat MSU and probably lose to Auburn. MSU has played a super cupcake schedule we’ll be the first real team they’ve played, I think the guys will be hyped now that they are finally ranked and go take care of business in Starkville. With Auburn, for some reason Bruce Pearl gets his guys super fired up for big games and they always play out of their minds. Arkansas will arguably be the biggest game they’ve had so far so I think they come in super fired up and give us a run for our money. I will say one thing that does have me optimistic about the Auburn game is that CMA has had a lot of success against Bruce Pearl since he’s been in the SEC.