Arkansas - Notre Dame game status

I spoke to a Notre Dame fan (wearing a ND mask at Costco) and I asked him if he had heard anything about the status of the game. He said he was hearing that only students and parents of the players will be able to attend the game? Has anyone heard this? If so I have some travel arrangements to cancel

I wrote about this last month. Notre Dame hasn’t finalized its plans, but the AD said the stadium won’t be at capacity and students and faculty will get preference on attending.

Yeah, I’ve about decided to cancel my trip with my daughter and son-in-law. I grew up in Northern Indiana less than 30 miles from Notre Dame. My daughter has never been there and we were going to take a couple days and see the game and my old stomping grounds. I’ve about decided, at my age, I’m not comfortable getting on a plane with Covid 19 still hanging around. With probably no tickets available it makes it an easy choice.

I think fans traveling will have a hard time getting into any stadium as part of the visiting teams ticket package. That’s my gut feeling.

Any tentative attendance plans or limits for games this Fall at Razorback Stadium?

Understand that approx. 30k season tickets are already sold & assume that students will be allowed to attend. Had planned to drive up from DFW for 2 or 3 games this Fall, especially with the improved outlook under CSP. However, if tickets are not available to the general public, plans change.

If you are not a season ticket holder, I don’t think it’s likely you get into a game in Fayetteville. Things still evolving. Season ticket holders and students will probably get in. That may be it.

I would think there will be a lot of tickets available on stub hub, etc. I also would imagine they will be much more expensive than in the past. Especially more expensive if the team looks markedly improved from the past 2 years.

Just a guess, but I imagine some of the older season ticket holders, who probably are the largest donors and have the most tickets, will decide it won’t be safe for them or their families to attend. Now, if the UA decides to reduce the number of tickets for their largest donors, this wouldn’t occur. I wouldn’t think the UA would decide to do that.

Everything is in limbo right now. I called the ticket office last week, and they don’t have any new information right now on Notre Dame or any road game tickets. With the new cases of Covid showing up, things are not looking good for fans in the stands. We’re running out of time before the season starts, only about 60 days now. Probably a pretty good chance that yes, there will be fans allowed in for games, but only a small percentage of capacity.

Right now, no one is getting Notre Dame tickets, I’m a BMS Gold level donor, and they don’t have any tickets to sell to me. Notre Dame and every other school that we play at is not releasing any tickets to visiting team fans.

Well, my son bought the tickets off one of the ticket sites. So, I don’t know if we have any recourse? Unless someone wants to buy them real cheap? (lol) Maybe collectors items

You’ll get your money back if there aren’t any tickets to give to you. I’m sure he’s gotten an email telling him his options.

If you were responding to my 2nd post, I was responding to Clay’s post regarding tickets to Fayetteville football games, not the Notre Dame game. Like you, I feel certain there won’t be any Notre Dame tickets available through the UA.

Surprised to see that StubHub is selling Arkansas football tickets for both home & away games for this Fall, including the ND game. That would indicate the universities are making individual game & full stadium seating without distancing available to 3rd party vendors. Prices are not as high as I expected. I assume there is a risk of not getting a refund or delayed refund from StubHub if games are cancelled.

I think stubhub is excited about what they see as the college football’s upcoming season. I think they expect what Clay was saying would probably happen with Arkansas tickets. Only season-ticket holders will get tickets. That’s where stub-hub gets their tickets and makes their money. They also see those tickets as having more demand than supply this coming season, so much higher sales prices.

StubHub assumes the same for Notre Dame and all other universities. For non-season ticket holders who want to attend these games, they are going to have to pay much more for those tickets, because there won’t be any available from the universities.