Arkansas- North Texas game thread

Go ahead and post here.

17-10 North Texas after Connor Limpert’s 54 yard FG with 9:27 left in 2nd.

Keep grinding men.

Kelley has got to get on the same page with our WR’s

That fg may be the highlight of the season thus far. He drilled that thing.

Cannot tell what is going on with our passing game, but it’s odd to watch.

I agree with the announcers, the WR’s are stopping on contact instead of continuing the route

Good to see curl back, now just leave Foucha or mason in for Santos.

THe main complaint I have is that Kelley doesn’t have command of this offense.

frankly, I am not going to bother today with any more posts about this game. Instead I will watch the game and comment much later as it is obvious we do not have a even fair team and I see Florida is killing the guys who beat us las week ,enough said.

Santos burned, again.

This team is getting out physicaled by a passing team Lord help us when we actually play somebody that knows how to run the ball

Time for Basketball season & Time to play freshmen

If we don’t have a complete turn around of a 2nd half I wouldn’t doubt it if we lose a commitment pretty soon. There so much about this game that makes my stomach hurt. I like chad, but we look like a complete mess so far.

How do you come back with Kelly in the second half? Stores did well in relief two weeks ago. What do you have to lose now putting in a freshman? I want to see Boyd and Morris run some to keep Fine off the field.

Why would anyone want to coach football at Arkansas?

Hoping NT plays some 2 or 3 team players so we can compete

Or play at Arkansas… holding this class together will be as big a challenge as playing Alabama.

Patience and prayers

Booing doesn’t help Arkansas

That was pretty tough. I know Kelley isn’t having a good game, but this is on everyone, not just one kid.

I was thinking the same thing