Arkansas' new Pool of linebackers providing depth (story)... … tion-dept/

Excellent update on the linebackers. That one statistic about the number of plays our three linebackers racked up is cringe-worthy. We need back-ups! I’ve been watching practice/scrimmage videos intently and finally got to see Bumper Pool in a couple of drills. He passes the eye test, for sure, but so do several others like Deon Edwards, Hayden Henry, D’Vone McClure and Grant Morgan. I think we have beefed up the linebacker corps in a good way and I like the way that unit is shaping up.

I worry about a ton of Sophomore LB’s that aren’t making noise. LaFrance, Baptiste and Kyrei Fisher do not appear
to be making a move to back up Scoota. I want to see Dee Walker make a move because we need his speed.