Arkansas needs to add grown men in its 2019 hoops recruiting class (column)... … ops-class/

Great article Dudley and spot on brother! What we have now on the roster and doing now as a team, just simply isn’t working.

In total agreement that we need to up our physical presence and become more effective in the paint. We are effective finishers on run outs but not nearly so much (Gafford excluded) in half court situations. Poor Adrio who is very exciting in the open court seems to struggle at the rim when defended. Not so much a knock on him, his size has him at a disadvantage. Hopefully adding some size will afford more opportunities to play at least two bigs together. Gafford and a 6-6 four seems a dangerous approach. I know there are reasons why, but going forward it would be nice to have solutions to these reasons.

Chaney is a man. Need more like him.

I’ve been referencing those infamous words that Larry Johnson gave to Coach Richardson courtside for years now and it’s been true for quite a while now an remains the case this season.
Coach Richardson took that advise to heart and then surrounded the centerpiece of that National Championship squad Corlis Williamson with the likes of Darnell Robinson 6”11, Lee Wilson 6’11, Dwight Stewart 6’9.
With this size and length the Hogs could take the court with any team in the country and not have a disadvantage in the paint or on the boards.
This is the blueprint, thus far we haven’t been able to duplicate such a roster of “Grown Men”.

Go Hogs!