Arkansas needs to add grown men in its 2019 hoops recruiting class (column)... … ops-class/

Lots of juco players. Franklin would have 3 to play 3. What about the others? Would Hankins be a freshman? Reason I ask is not sure we need another year down the road where we have to sign 5 to 7. With the high school talent the state is producing each year it would be a shame not to have a scholarship for a difference maker.

Also what do our numbers look like for next year? The Thompson kid I see mentioned. What year is he? Moody I hope we are on heavily. What year is he? I know it is said it will work itself out. But would not like to see another year where we are this young. A more balanced act. Spacing.

Also Moore and the big kid from ft Smith I think. W moody and Thompson that would be a nice class. But do we have room?

The classes they would be next season:

Justice Hill - Freshman
Raymond Hawkins - Freshman
Dischon Thomas - Freshman
Mahamadou Diawara - Freshman
Javon Franklin - Soph
Demontay Dixon - Soph
Doudou Gueye - Junior
AJ Bramah - Junior- although I don’t think that is happening at the moment.

4 high school and 4 junior college guys listed below - and two of them would have 3 years

Adrio Bailey would be the lone senior in 2019-2020, but I bet they sign 2 and maybe

Bryce Thompson is a 2020 guy - that list is below.

Gerald Doakes - the Arkansas kid now in Houston - has apparently reclassified from 2020-2021

2019 Signee (1):

• Justice Hill, PG, 5-11, 175, Little Rock Christian

2019 Prospects:

• AJ Bramah, F, 6-7, 185, Sheridan, W.Y,. College
• Mahamadou Diawara, C, 6-10, 220, Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia
• Demontay Dixon, F-C, 6-9, 200, Morristown, Tenn., Walters State Community College
• Javon Franklin, F, 6-6, 190, Holmes, Miss., Community College
• Doudou Gueye, F, 6-9, 200, Daytona State, Fla., College
• Raymond Hawkins, F, 6-8, 225, Henderson, NV. Findlay Prep
• Dischon Thomas, F, 6-9, 190, Phoenix, Ariz, Hillcrest

2020 Prospects:

• Davonte Davis, PG, 6-3, 170, Jacksonville (Oklahoma State commit)
• Dayten Holman, SG, 6-6, 170, Norman, Okla.
• Moses Moody, SG, 6-5, 180, Montverde, Fla., Academy
• Matthew Murrell, SG, 6-3, 175, Memphis Whitehaven
• Chris Moore, PF, 6-6, 200, West Memphis
• Khalen Robinson, PG, 5-10, 160, Bryant
• Bryce Thompson, SG, 6-5, 170, Tulsa, Okla., Booker T. Washington
• Taryn Todd, G, 6-3, 180, Henderson, NV, Findlay Prep
• Jaylin Williams, C, 6-10, 210, Fort Smith Northside

thanks for the info. still would somehow like to find a way to get moody, moore, and williams i think in the same class. trying to get my old tired head around your post but i think ill figure it out.

thanks again

I hope they win enough games this year to hold the mob off and are able to sign these next few classes.
I agree with your thought on Moody, Moore and Williams. It would be nice to have home grown talent on the floor in Bud Walton Arena.

I get the sense that Moidy is a real long shot. Would be great but probably will end up at one of the power programs. Williams seems like the best bet to sign and Moore is a possibility but probably not a heavy lean to us at this point. Problem with having such great Arkansas kids is the big boys come hunting them and we just aren’t as appealing as them.

well outside of Hawkins the other big guys are not men and are pencils,tall and very thin! so almost a oxymoron.

I do agree with you we need some men but we need Shooters!!! people that can shoot the ball give me guys like Jones who are not athletic but can shoot over the Gabe and Adrio types who are athletic but are no real threat to score

Need to get more “Men” like Chaney. Hopefully whoever we get from the list above fit the bill.

Replying to your comment 93-94:

Darnell Robinson - 6-11, 245 (Gafford 6’11 234)
Elmer Martin - 6-8, 220 (Chaney 6’8 222)
Ray Biggers - 6-8 200 ( Henderson 6-8, 210)
Al Dillard - 6-1, 170 (Holmes 5-10, 190)
Ken Biley - 6-6, 207 (Bailey 6-6, 223)
Roger Crawford - 6-4, 175 (Joe 6-5, 167)
Corey Beck - 6-2, 190 (Sills 6-2, 196)
John Engskov - 6-3, 195 (Stevens 6-2, 180)
Reggie Garrett - 6-5, 205 (Jones 6-5, 207)
Clint McDaniel - 6-4, 180 (Simpson 6-3, 202)
Reggie Merrit - 6-1, 165 (Harris 6-2, 166)
Davor Rimac - 6-7, 210 (Gabe 6-8, 221)
Scottie - 6-6, 205 (Phillips 6-7 209, yes he left)

Transfer for this year (Emeka Obukwelu 6-8, 223)

So, there isn’t much difference in those guys.
These are the only three Mike doesn’t have a match for size wise.
Dwight Stewart- 6-9, 260 (hard to find someone that size that can play in this system)
Corliss - 6’7, 245 (hard to find guys like this, Williams TN 6-7 236)
Lee Wilson - 6’11, 250

I will agree with you on shooting, because many on that 93-94 team could score

Good column Dudley. With apologies to honorary recruiting coordinator emeritus Larry Johnson, we need some men’s who can shoot free throws. And where oh where is Notorious to weigh in on this?

Exactly they are still in high school, but I thought surely you could extrapolate things.

Admiral Schofield - who now weighs 240 - weighed 205-210 in high school.

Grant Williams - now at 236 - weight 215.

Kyle Alexander weighed 180 - now weighs 215

You can forget Moody. He would never have transferred out of state for high school ball if he was interested in the Hawgs. Davis wanted badly to be a Hawg but our staff just couldn’t find the time to catch his games in Jacksonville, yet OSU caught 5 or 6 and now he’s a Poke. He is an unreal talent !!
Losing this one is difficult to understand.

That’s not a logical argument.